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Best Tool Box Ever

This tool box is one of the best that I have ever had. Extremely good quality compared to any other brands that i have seen. I recommend this tool box to everyone who looks at it… even the tool vendors that come around.

Brady from Fargo, North Dakota

Thank You

Just received my new toolbox. I ordered it Tuesday evening and got here 3:00 pm Friday. This thing is a beast and at 61 years old I have had a lot of tool boxes over the years. The process was easy and there customer service is top notch. I can’t believe the quality for the price. I do think the big 3 have a slight quality advantage but for the money it was 1/3 the cost. My tool guys are hating life lol. Thank you Strictly Tool Boxes for giving technicians another option I wanted everything from my 2 boxes and on the shelves to be in 1 box



I put a lot of thought into this tool box before purchasing. I checked the layout measurements and compared it to my tools and my needs, even going as far a drawing out where and how my tools would go. The layout measurements they have are spot on and this box is beyond what I actually figured it would be for the price. The drawers do not wobble, they do not sag when loaded down, and they pull out and push in very smooth without any snagging. The liners included in the drawers stick to the bottom and do not slide around from opening and closing and keep all the tools where you laid them. The locking system works that when locked, it slides tabs up and in front of the drawer slides which I personally like better than hooking from the back, it also will not allow you to lock it unless every drawer is completely shut. The box also comes with paperwork that has all spare part numbers if any future item needs replaced. I did not purchase the stainless top and it came with the rubber top that is about 3/8 inch thick and sets perfectly on top without any movement. I did end up regretting not getting the stainless top just as a personnel preference, I emailed and I was able to purchase the top separately, I just had to cover shipping since I did not purchase it with the toolbox. All in all this box holds itself against any major tool competitor. Do not waste years of weekly payments on a tool box off the trucks, this is a purchase that I guarantee you will not regret.


56″ tool vault

Very impressed wI highly recommend this toolbox and this company without any reservations I have buying stuff on the Internet for years but I think this is one of the most user-friendly and people friendly sites both online and it on the phone that I’ve ever dealt with the toolbox is second to none do not hesitate to buy this tool box it will work for you as it is for me

Dan from Cape Coral Florida

Great box! But make sure you expand the drawer slides

So I have had the toolbox a month now… So happy I went with this rather than one from a tool truck! Quality is just as good, and you get more box for far less money! A word on the drawer slides…. When you first get the tool box, you need to force the drawers all the way open. Don’t have to slam them, just a firm steady pull to expand the slides all the way. Took me two weeks to figure that out, but now the drawers open completely and not with 3/4” of overhang in the back edge making it hard to get deepwells out of the back of the top drawer. Did this with all the drawers and they all open square and all the way now. Takes 5 minutes but you will be glad you did. My problem is, now I’m thinking I should have gone with a bigger box


This box is the BOMB!

One of the mechanics up at the International dealer has one of these tool boxes, I saw it the other day and purchased one when I arrived home. This toolbox is the BOMB! I have very limited space in my garage right now. We will fix that issue come Spring time. Now, everything, the commonly used stuff is easily accessible. The shipping was extremely fast, three days to Detroit area. The box arrived undamaged, even though it looked like it had been dropped and banged around a few times, it did manage to come through unscathed. The construction is solid, this is not some Sears or Home Depot tool box. The paint job is heavy duty too, very impressed. I can see why this makes for a good mobile tool chest solution, this chest is solid. If you are looking at one of these boxes, just do it! As you will wonder how you got along without one once you receive it.


Can’t even come close for the price.

I have been a diesel mechanic for more than 15 years, owned Craftsman, Snapon, and many others, but this has been the best bang for the buck I have found. For this price you cannot even touch a used toolbox of this size from the major brands and it easily matches their quality. Slides are smooth and very strong. First thing I did was stand in the bottom drawer and bounce. Pulled out one of the top drawer and hung off of it with little give at all and I weigh 227lbs. I would not hesitate to purchase this again or recommend it to anyone else. I can only think of three downsides: I wish it was made in the USA (support the home team!), I prefer drawer latches to detents, and I wish there was an option for more shallow drawers (I prefer square inches to cubic.) In daily use I find the detents to be a little strong, but it does come with softer ones if preferred; the casters roll smooth and the spring suspension lets it roll right over small bumps and debris and the fixed wheels in the middle make maneuvering easy. I just couldn’t ask for a better deal on a toolbox if this quality. Also do not hesitate about buying online. I was a little hesitant at first, but after seeing so many positive reviews I gave it a shot. Customer service was awesome and very prompt with replies and made sure to call once my order was processed to confirm and explain everything. The order was processed and shipped out quickly and arrived within 3 days. If I am ever in the market for another toolbox I will be a repeat customer

Brad from Huntsville, Alabama

So much more tool space

Overall very satisfied with the toolbox. I ordered the 36″ and 26″ and they arrived very quickly. I bought the 36″ as an upgrade from my 30″ I had been using for 6 years in my service pickup The biggest reason for the upgrade was to have space for metric wrenches and sockets required for our newer farm equipment. The toolbox fits all the tools and I had along with room to spare. I ended up having to buy more sockets and wrenches to keep it from looking empty. The tool box itself isn’t quit as heavily built as my old 30″ but does seem pretty durable. The only downside to this tool box is that it doesn’t have the slide over lock like my old box but instead has a gas cylinder. The 26″ was purchased to put up against the headache rack on a pickup with a bale bed to do quick repairs without needing to get out the service pickup.

tmont from Almena, KS

Great Tool Box

I ordered the 56″ bottom tool box after doing a lot of research and i am very impressed with it. It shipped the same day i ordered it, i was contacted to let me know it was shipped and what to do when it arrived. Was very well crated to prevent damage during shipment. The quality of box was extremely good, as good as the high priced toolboxes from some of the tool company’s but at a great price. I will be ordering the top box to go on this soon so i can get rid of the other boxes that i have now. I would highly recommend this to anyone from home amateurs to full time mechanics. .

Bob from Moseley, Virginia

Awesome Box

I’ve been in a service truck for 22 years and recently decided to move into the shop. I didn’t want to buy another name brand toolbox with high interest payments so I did some research and found this tool box. Bought and paid for and truly love it. This box is bigger and better built then my name brand toolbox at home. I highly recommend it of you have alot of tools and need the storage capacity.



I purchased a tool box for all of my tractors on the farm. The size was perfect for the tools that I like to carry on each machine. I like that the box is dust and waterproof to protect the tools from rusting. The quality of the box is great and highly recommend it to anyone. I really don’t have any dislikes about it! Thank you for building such a high quality toolbox that functions great.

Steve from Enderlin, North Dakota


Great tool box it gets the job done!

Taylor from Arlington TN

Heavy Duty, Priced right, Great Quality and Craftsmanship!

I did about a years worth of research before finally purchasing from strictly toolboxes. Very happy with the quality of the toolbox. Shipped in super fast, no damage. This toolbox has so much room, my name brand tool reps are impressed with the tool box. Very heavy duty, priced super cheap compared to the name brands. Highly recommend this box to any technician.

Nick S.

Awesome toolbox

I originally purchased a smaller Montezuma toolbox from Strictly Toolboxes but decided it was to small. I am very pleased with all the room this toolbox has. I work for the utility department in my town and farm on the side. This tool box is big enough to carry all the tools I use on both jobs. And ordering from Strictly Toolboxes could not have been easier. Their prices can not beat. Thank you

Cummins Cowboy from Clifton, Tennessee

56″ Tool Vault

Excellent customer service very polite and professional, great delivery process again very polite and professional people and as far as actual quality of the tool box 10/10 on appearances 10/10 on functionality ex: locks ,drawer slides, caster function.overall a great price and a quality chest and great buying experience


What a box!!

This tool box looks even better than the pictures. Great customer experience. I had the box three days after i ordered it. The toolbox was professionally crated and did not have any damage when it arrived. I am extremely happy with my purchase. I wish Strictly Tool Boxes offered closed cell foam to put in the drawers to shadow the tools. About the shiping company: while the shipment was fast, i don’t believe a lot of thought was put into the actual delivery. For example, i requested a lift gate. They showed up with a semi to a residential neighborhood. I hadto plead with the driver to attempt backing into my driveway. Then, the box and pallet jack together wwould not fit on the lift gate. Between the two of us, we were eventually able to get it off the truck. The driver was nice and helped uncrate the box. However, he would not take the crate with him so i had a pile of trash to contend with.

Mark from Haslet, TX

Best tool box for the money, PERIOD!

I have been researching the high end toolboxes for more than a year. I looked at everything from budget to high end tool boxes. The lower end would not cut it in my line of work and the high end tool boxes were way out of my price range. I ran across and was very hesitant to jump on the Montezuma bandwagon, only because I have never seen one in person. To make a long story short, I took the chance and I can say, I think this is probably the best surprise I have ever had when buying online. The toolbox was shipped with so much padding it took me longer to unpack it than to stock it with my tools. The only complaint I have with my entire purchase is with the shipping company. There was a little damage to the back but I couldn’t do anything about it because the shipping company Saia had someone other than myself sign for it. I should have been the ONLY one authorized to sign for my box. Anyway, the toolbox was shipped extremely fast. The toolbox matches the best boxes I have seen in quality. I have people come up to my box and can’t believe I have twice the toolbox they have for a third of the price. Bottom line, buy this toolbox if you are in need of a heavy duty, great quality and extremely heavy tool chest. I believe that this tool box will last me the rest of my career. Once I decide that I am in need for more room, you can bet that I will be purchasing a top box from Strictly Tool Boxes. And one more thing, if you have ever heard of the term “supply and demand”, you will understand what I am about to say. You better buy one of these soon because once the cats out of the bag about these toolboxes, the price will start to match the quality.

Bryan from Omaha, NE

Best toolbox we have had to date.

Best toolbox we have had to date, we used others, the ones that come from a tool trucks and this tool box beats them hands down. In the past we seemed to have a lot of door problems with the weight we would put into them, not with this toolbox.We are kinda hard on on toolboxes in our shop. So far this toolbox it doing better than everything else we have had in the past

Albert from Inola, Oklahoma

Efficient tool box

This tool box is the most efficient toolbox I have ever owned. Holds all the tools I need and does not take up much space on the bed of the truck. It’s the envy of my fellow farmers.

Brownbend83 from Only, Tennessee

Awesome box, fast shipping!

This box arrived in perfect condition. I ordered it the day before Thanksgiving and it still made it from Florida to Colorado in less than a week. Incredible. The toolbox is sturdy, just as good if not better than any of the SnapOn or Cornwell boxes I’ve seen around the shop. The drawers were a little hard to open when empty, but with some weight in them they became much easier to open and close. I really like the drawer detents. I find that they hold the drawers closed better than normal latches would. With weight in them they open and close easily, and once closed they stay closed. They won’t ‘wander’ open. Strictly Toolboxes also has great customer service. I am confident that had I had a problem with the toolbox, or when receiving the toolbox that they would have sorted it out in no time. If I ever need another box I will buy again from these guys. I would highly recommend this box to anyone. Much cheaper than any of the tool truck brands and just as sturdy.

Lane from Fort Collins, CO


I purchase a 56″ ToolVault roller cabinet based on the reviews I found here and on some garage organization forums. I was replacing an old 26″ inch craftsman toolbox. My son and I ride dirt bikes and I needed something bigger to accommodate the growing number of tools used to maintain them. This tool box is way overkill for what I will ever need. This thing is professional quality. However, in comparing this to some of the box brands available at the local chains, purchasing the ToolVault was a simple decision. The quality received vs the relatively minor additional cost is well worth it. When this thing arrived I was surprised at the quality of the packaging and the heft of the box. The only think I didn’t really like was that the stainless steel top upgrade moved around on top of the toolbox. It is slightly smaller than the top of the cabinet and there was not enough friction to keep it from moving 1/8-1/4 of an inch when leaning against it. Since I am going to use this as a workbench it was annoying. I called and they suggested putting a couple of lag screws through the top of the chest into the underside of the stainless steel top. I did this and now the top does not move at all. The stainless steel top is pretty solid and looks like it will last years. It almost looks too nice to use. I would recommend this chest to anyone. I don’t think you can beat it for the money spent. I would purchase it again without a second thought. (Posted on 1/8/2015) Describe Yourself: Casual/Recreational

Mark from Prosper, TX

Great Buy

received ahead of time that was very nice. The shipping was done with great care not a scratch on it 🙂 I am a service manager at a new car dealership and have seen all of the options from all of the tool trucks and this one just seemed right. I was a little unsure of buying something so big without seeing it or touching it since I’ve been to all of the local stores and the difference in quality was between night and day. The tool box is not cheaply made at all the drawers slide just as nice as the ones off the tool truck. the paint is a high quality and the top is very high quality (stainless steel) would not hesitate to buy from again. Any new techs I hire im going to show this website too for the new tech starting out or for the seasoned tech this is the way to go. Thanks for all the help and making this an easy transaction.

Philip from Marysville , Washington

Fantastic Box and HUGE value. Very heavy duty box.

Fantastic box. I have had Snap-On and numerous other brands. While it is not the most refined toolbox out there, it certainly was the best value BY FAR. Very heavy duty and I have no doubt that it will last me MANY years. I would most certainly purchase again at the drop of a hat!!


Great Boxes

We use thee tool boxes in our service vans, we have 3 vans and these boxes keep everything organized and easy to find. They are always operational and durable. And the desighn of them is perfect for small spaces because they do not take up alot of room, and you still can get all necessary tools in the toolbox that you need. Your attrictave pricing on these has given us the opporturnity to give these away to customers, and on customer appriciation days. Thanks for the afordable, qality boxes.

Justin from Fort Dodge , Iowa

The tool box is top quality

Wow this is the first thing ever purchased by me with no contact at all and for a lot of money, but have to say StrictlyToolBoxes hit it out of the ball park for me, what a great tool box!!! The tool cabinet is top quality, shipping went great, and the packing on this thing is wonderful. I may use the high quality crate for something else. I do have to say this will not see the inside of a shop, I’m a retired chef and will be using it in my new home as a kitchen island and bar height eating, my work surface will be 42×88 and will have a folding wing on end for addition seating 8 to 10 people at a time. Thank you again!


This really is a GREAT tool box…! Have no fear… Buy it !

I have had my toolbox for almost 1 year and the more I use it the better I like it. I waited a year for my review so I could give actual feed back after a good deal of use. Best drawer layout of any box I have ever had and Quality in build that is as good or better than any other tool box I have ever used. Tons of room. Very solid and very smooth. The finish is beautiful and very tough and is holding up to daily use. Still looks brand new. The Price gives unmatched value. There is no way you will regret buying this box. Also, I had a small issue with delivery, I called the company and it was fixed by the next day! Their service is the real deal!

Scott E

Very well built product, dependable sturdy and a lot bigger than the pics lead you to think

I’ve had this toolbox for a couple months now, and after working out of it day in and day out I have to say I’m very impressed with the construction and set up, I wasn’t totally sold on the hutch but after having it honestly I love it. the drawers are well placed and reinforced quite nicely. This tool box is every bit as good as my coworkers truck brand tool boxes for a fraction of the cost, most definitely the most bang for the buck. Now on to the strictly team they made ordering this beasty easy as drinking water it was like 3 fast questions and boom we are done and the after care was outstanding, ended up needing locks and they sent them out straight away no questions asked. All in all I would and have recommended to my friends great boxes great customer service and awesome value


Neat, clean, and No more clutter

Dont you just hate tools that are strewn all over the place…dont you like a neat tool box…Well i saw this tool box at my friends house the other day and knew instantly that this was a MUST NEED…To have all your tools neatly in one place is the best feeling in the world…What a great invention…Put this on your must need list…Have all your tools at your fingertips, instantly!..Great Job Guys..


Way worth it!

I purchased this tool box in orange back in June 2019. Since its arrival in a very well packed cargo crate the box has been the envy of the shop. A couple of the other techs plan on purchasing new toolboxes because of how great the quality and price are on these. Both the Mac and Snap on guy are actually impressed as well.


18 years master tech and euro trans specialist

Went on site and read reviews. Decided to pull the trigger tired of the weekly payments with snap on. Tool box shipped and arrived fast and perfect condition seems really well built. I am a European master tech already have the toolbox full. Can’t wait till the matching side cabinets come out. Also great customer service. Thanks strictly tools.

Greg LeRoy

Best box. Affordable price

Researched tool boxes for three years before finally pulling the trigger on this toolbox in which Ive had for two years now. I am still impressed with this box everyday. If somebody offered to trade straight across for a sn-p-on of the same size i absolutely wouldn’t do it. Thanks to Tool Vault for making a quality affordable box. The sn-p-on equivalent is 12000 dollars for a lesser box. This box is worth every penny and the last box I will buy.


Lime Tool Time

Have been using this box for over a year now and it is great. Drawers open and close nicely. The drawer liners stay in-place. Casters roll good and the handles are solid. Moved all my tools from 2 standard size overflowing rollaway boxes into this huge box, and still had some room to add some new tools. The lime green paint is so sharp.

72 Stingray from Raleigh, North Carolina

Really good people to deal with at strictly tool box

Really good people to deal with at strictly tool box. I’m super happy with the size of the Tool Box. Now just to finish adding a light bar in the hutch and I’m good to go.

David from Memphis

SE250, More than expected

Arrived at my door in perfect shape, really liked the free shipping. I love how neat and organized this keeps my tools! As a professional mechanic I can’t begin to explain the appreciation of finding the tool you want on the spot. Holds everything you’d need for just about any common job and it just begs to be organized when your done. I look forward to years of use out of this thing! Will probably buy another for home.

BTF from San Jose, CA

Great for racing

We race sprint cars and this tool box is perfect to have the visual inventory as it is so fast paced at the track. It is a little noisy in the bed of our side x side but thats no big deal compared to how much easier it has made finding tools. I recommend Montezuma boxes to everyone I know even for in-shop use. I don’t know why this hasn’t caught on and replaced the traditional tool chest for wrenches and such, especially for the price/quality ratio!

Will from Glenmora, LA

Big box.

This thing is huge. Great quality. Packaged really well. I am very happy with this tool box. The drawers open and close really nice. I recommend this tool box for those who need the space. The price is great too, for get spending all that money on a Sxxx-Ox or Mxxxx. Get this toolbox and get more tools with the difference.

Dennis from Castleford, Idaho

Looks as good as tool truck brand for 1/4 Price

I’m super stoked for this toolbox. Build quality was great. The delivery went smooth with no hiccups. I was a little nervous about the unboxing since there is a nine page email about how to do it and what to look for. However that was really no big deal. The only thing was the silver matte drawer handles seemed just slightly off in the presentation of the tool box. So we vinyl wrapped the trim with 3M carbon fiber wrap. cost about $25. GREAT LOOKING BOX, THAT LOOKS EVEN BETTER NOW, in my personal opinion. I think I’m going to buy the 72″ as well for shop tools.

Schannon from Pine, CO

56″ Tool Vault

Just got my 56″ Tool Vault roller cab today, I think it’s an awesome tool box and an even better value. I’m not a full time mechanic, but I do a lot of weekend work on cars and such. Now all I need to do is take time to fill it up neatly. Maybe Strictlytoolboxes should start selling toolbox organizers to go with these great boxes!


Tool Vault 56″ 11 drawer cabinet.

We have four of these in the building. The latest on is in the tooling department between the Haas VF4ss and the Haas VF2ss. It is used for tool storage and as a work station. This tool box is very sturdy and the drawers; even when loaded slide in and out very easily. This toolbox and the top box are highly recommended for anyone needing a high quality tool box at a very good price point—-with free shipping.

David from Spokane Valley, Washington

72 ” elite tool valt, five years later

Going on five years, love the toolbox if you do your research, you find this tool box stands up to a snap on ,dry wight, so Guage of meat is good , drawers hold more weight, , never had problem , will buy another for home!!

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