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Great Tool Box

I bough 1 for my work truck and it was so nice I had to have another 1. I have 2 of these. They work Great. you can put more tool in them and everything is always in it’s place. i think this is the best tool box ever. Thanks

Gary from Coushatta, Louisiana

Can’t harm it!

What a toolbox! I had it out in the oil patch could not believe how sturdy it was. It fell off my tractor from about 4 feet off the ground and I drove over it with one tire. That put a few dents in the tool box. It took me like 15 min to fix it, and now its just like new. This portable toolbox was the only way to go!

Martin from Harlowton, Montana

this blow the name brands out of the water

I work in the agriculture industry and as a service technician, I require a lot of tools to work on the equipment the dealership I work for provides support to. I saw the need for a big toolbox to store and hold my tools as they are an investment and how I get paid. Before I got this box I had the issue of running out of space and needing a more organized way of storing my tools. As all techs know the more downtime you have looking for the tool you need the less money you make. when I started pricing out toolboxes I talked to the four name brands and about keeled over at what some of them wanted for a box smaller than this box. so started looking online and found strictly toolboxes. looking around I found this combo and started looking and comparing it to the boxes I was interested in from the tool truck and I will admit this box blows the competition out of the water not only being 1/4 of the price compared to the competition but it is built stronger. Strictly toolboxes as a company is great I ordered my box on a Thursday night by that next day I received a call from the customer service notifying me that my box was being shipped that Friday. An almost never ending week later the tool box arrived I performed the inspection with the assistance of a coworker and the delivery person which as a tip three people is needed for this. the Shipping crate for the toolbox is almost as heavy built as the box. Assembly of the box is easy with the included instructions. I do recommend having a second hand when assembling the box as it is no small task lifting the heavy parts. After using the tool box for over a month I will say if you are looking for a big toolbox and are not for sure on buying this one. don’t hesitate as I did. this box is awesome. the drawers are smooth with just the right amount of friction. they even include different detents if you think that the pre-installed ones are to stiff for your taste. the overall layout of the drawers is for me as a heavy equipment tech perfect they are the right mix of sallow and deep drawers for my tools. the


Don’t wait buy the box already

A friend of mine told me about this website a few months ago cause I was looking to buy a bigger tool box from one of the tool trucks but I couldn’t see spending 10 grand and up on a tool box, so I researched these boxes, read reviews and talked to customer service before buying one, and I glad I didn’t wait to long cause this is well worth the money, they have plenty of room and I believe they are built better than the high dollar tool truck boxes. So if your wonder about buying one just buy it already you’ll be happy you did.


Unbelievable Quality

I am a lubricant marketer out Montana and service northwestern portion of the us. I have spent the last 15 years in shops and service departments. This toolbox holds it’s own with the best if them. I actually think it blows most away. Fast shipping too. Took about a week.

Kevin from Billings, Montana

56″ Tool Vault Review

This tool box took one week to receive, from time of purchase to delivery. The quality and value for money of this tool box is amazing! The casters are held on with bolts rather than screws, all the drawers slide smooth and quiet, and the blue color looks amazing. The quality of this right there with other truck boxes and the price can’t be beat. I brag about this tool box every day.

Andrew from Vergennes, Vermont

This box sure makes our shop look good

I have had my tool box a few months now. I ordered the tool box and had it within two days. That’s very fast. The toolbox was in a heavily built crate. Taking the crate apart was easy. Setting this tool box up didn’t take very long at all. The only thing that wasn’t done for you was there needed to be holes drilled into the top to mount the hutch to it. That was a very simple task as they were marked exactly where they needed to be drilled. This box is simply the best box for the money. I have been researching a lot of different tool boxes, but this one was the best for the size, value, and features. I am a full time diesel technician. Everyone in the shop couldn’t believe how nice and big my toolbox was. Then, they heard the price I paid for it and how fast I had gotten it. A few of the people want to buy one of these boxes for their next box. I couldn’t even get a box of the tool truck that fast and for sure not even close for the price for the size of the box. This box is built very heavily. The hutch is one of the best features with the shelf. I have put all the cases on the shelf with tools in them. Also, all the books I have are on the shelf. The shelf doesn’t even bow downward. I’m very impressed. The hutch is was a very nice touch. I thought about just buying the box without the hutch, but I’m so glad I spent the little bit of extra money to get it. That has left a lot more space inside the toolbox. I believe the drawer rating completely. It has better drawer ratings then the more expensive boxes. The drawer detents are a little hard at first but with a little time they soften up. The tool box comes with softer detents. I would recommend this tool box to anyone. I would definitely by another one in the future if I needed it. I have more room with this box than I need but, I figured I could grow into it. Strictly toolboxes are very professional along with Montezuma tool box which thought of a very easy set up. The tool box rolls across the shop very easily. The

JP from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Montezuma Elite 72″ 17 Drawer Tool Cabinet

I purchased this tool box 2 months ago on 11/16/2012. I am a manchanic and car dealer and wanted to have this box for a few weeks before i wrote a review on it. I just love this toolbox,and since I am a mechanic this box gets used alot. This box is everything they say it is, price, quality, durability, its all great I would highly recommend this box to everyone. I had been looking at boxes for awhile and almost spent 4 times the amount for one. I am so glad I got online and found this box. i dont really have any dislikes, maybe latches on the drawers or a place to plug in my tools to charge them.. I just think this is a great box and its at a great price. You cant go wrong.You will love it.

Aj from Celina, Ohio

Best Tool Box Ever

This tool box is one of the best that I have ever had. Extremely good quality compared to any other brands that i have seen. I recommend this tool box to everyone who looks at it… even the tool vendors that come around.

Brady from Fargo, North Dakota

SE250, More than expected

Arrived at my door in perfect shape, really liked the free shipping. I love how neat and organized this keeps my tools! As a professional mechanic I can’t begin to explain the appreciation of finding the tool you want on the spot. Holds everything you’d need for just about any common job and it just begs to be organized when your done. I look forward to years of use out of this thing! Will probably buy another for home.

BTF from San Jose, CA

Awesome box, fast shipping!

This box arrived in perfect condition. I ordered it the day before Thanksgiving and it still made it from Florida to Colorado in less than a week. Incredible. The toolbox is sturdy, just as good if not better than any of the SnapOn or Cornwell boxes I’ve seen around the shop. The drawers were a little hard to open when empty, but with some weight in them they became much easier to open and close. I really like the drawer detents. I find that they hold the drawers closed better than normal latches would. With weight in them they open and close easily, and once closed they stay closed. They won’t ‘wander’ open. Strictly Toolboxes also has great customer service. I am confident that had I had a problem with the toolbox, or when receiving the toolbox that they would have sorted it out in no time. If I ever need another box I will buy again from these guys. I would highly recommend this box to anyone. Much cheaper than any of the tool truck brands and just as sturdy.

Lane from Fort Collins, CO

Good investment

Great box so far easy to order sold my snap-on tool box bought this one had money left over like this one better then high dollar one

John E.

I LOVE this tool box.

I LOVE this tool box. It arrived in perfect condition and is exactly as described. The construction is very sturdy. I especially love the large top drawer because I can consolidate all my socket sets it in.

Stemmer from Branford, Connecticut


I am a diesel mechanic ,I being looking at this tool box for about 3 years until got the money for, and let me tell you ,it worth the wait, I order the toolbox on Monday and got it delivery by Friday , the pallet and sides got damage from freight company and got it into shop with the driver and he help me to open and inspected and was no damage at all . I love this tool box , took me couple of days to switch stuff from my old box and i start using it every day , it rolls and turn very easy , the drawers are very heavy to open at the beginning but smooth out with couple days of use , the top is very nice but is very easy to dent or scratch I try to keep heavy stuff away . Every body like the box on the shop and the most important I LIKE!!!! is a very good investment and very good box for the price , thanks !!!!!!!!


Montezuma 72″ Elite 17 Drawer Tool Cabinet with Hutch

I needed a new tool box but didn’t want to pay the high price of the local tool distributors. So, I did an internet search and found the Montezuma. I was skeptical of the low price but after ready through reviews and forums, I decided to purchase this toolbox. The toolbox was on back order so it took a couple of months to get it. It was well worth the wait. I am very impressed with the customer service. They told me exactly when it would arrive and kept me informed. The tool box arrived in a new wooden crate that was well put together. I didn’t realize how massive it was until I opened the crate. The toolbox is huge and drawers are very deep. It arrived scratch free, had all the parts and everything worked. As big as the tool box is, it rolls very easy. The four swivel casters and two fixed center casters make it a breeze to move. I strongly recommend anyone looking for a nice but inexpensive tool box to buy a Montezuma.

Taylor from Conyers, GA

Best Purchase I’ve ever made!

Found these toolboxes about a year and a half ago, I studied and compared them to the Tool Truck company tool boxes everything about these boxes are as good or better than those. If you’re on the fence about buying PULL THE TRIGGER!


18 years master tech and euro trans specialist

Went on site and read reviews. Decided to pull the trigger tired of the weekly payments with snap on. Tool box shipped and arrived fast and perfect condition seems really well built. I am a European master tech already have the toolbox full. Can’t wait till the matching side cabinets come out. Also great customer service. Thanks strictly tools.

Greg LeRoy

Best Purchase EVER hands Down

My husband has been a Mechanic for close to 30 years spending the last 20 plus working on heavy equipment. We have bought many toolboxes over the years including Snap-on, Mac, Craftsman and other but this Montezuma by far is the best he has ever had. He is so impressed by it in many ways. He was a little skeptical when he saw the price — wasn’t sure of the quality he would get but it is the best he has ever used. The price is a great deal — awesome value for the money, delivery is not only free but easy and quick. The toolbox is of the highest quality – – Sturdy, strong deep draws to fit everything with ease. Really there is just no better deal out there and now he will never purchase from anywhere but Strictly Toolboxes again. Also their customer service is top notch — always get a live person that picks up by the 2nd ring and they are happy to answer all your questions. If you are looking for a new toolbox then I highly recommend the Montezuma Elite — it is an exceptional value and a great product.

Karin from Holbrook, New York

Great quality product!

Great quality product! Exceptional price and outstanding customer service. Would recommend to anyone in need of a tool storage solution.


Best Tool Box Ever Purchased

Let me start by saying I was a little hesitant to drop down such a hefty amount without researching the tool box first, all I found were the best reviews, so now after having it for 9 months it’s one of the best decision’s I ever made and well worth the money paid! The quality of the tool box is unbelievable. This is NOT a cheaply made product, all top of the line materials used. Delivery was a breeze, had my tool box set up in no time. I also have to give a lot of credit to Shannon, he was great to deal with and was accurate on the shipping details. Great customer service with They will have my recommendations to anyone who is in search of a tool box.

Junkman from Elizabeth, NJ

Great box!

I’ve been researching toolboxes for a while now as I’ve had most of the name brand boxes and hated the price tag. I know a couple coworkers that have similar tool boxes as the one I purchased from and I was impressed by the quality. Now that I have mine I am very pleased with it. The service from Shannon and the guys at strictlytoolboxes could not have been better, the packing was excellent and there was no damage to the box. Very happy with the purchase! (Posted on 3/26/2018) Describe Yourself: Heavy Line

Mike from Rock Springs, Wyoming

best bang for the pocket

I was shopping around for a tool box so i can put all my expensive goods in, so ask few of my coworkers about which toolbox will be a good choice snap-on, mac or matco then one of my coworker who also bought one from here said i should check out , i then was snoopy around until i saw this 56′ that fits me, so i placed a order about a week the box arrived at my work place and everyone was jealous on how nice it is and asked how much i paid, i told them i didn’t pay more than 4 grand for sure, im pretty happy with my purchase, this site should be the first thing on your list if your new or a veteran mechanic looking for that new box.

hmoob from Brooklyn Park


Toolbox was more than I expected quality was great my problem was size it had to fit in a bin on my service truck while holding all the tools I needed to carry mission accomplished.

Jeff from Lafayette, Indiana


I purchase a 56″ ToolVault roller cabinet based on the reviews I found here and on some garage organization forums. I was replacing an old 26″ inch craftsman toolbox. My son and I ride dirt bikes and I needed something bigger to accommodate the growing number of tools used to maintain them. This tool box is way overkill for what I will ever need. This thing is professional quality. However, in comparing this to some of the box brands available at the local chains, purchasing the ToolVault was a simple decision. The quality received vs the relatively minor additional cost is well worth it. When this thing arrived I was surprised at the quality of the packaging and the heft of the box. The only think I didn’t really like was that the stainless steel top upgrade moved around on top of the toolbox. It is slightly smaller than the top of the cabinet and there was not enough friction to keep it from moving 1/8-1/4 of an inch when leaning against it. Since I am going to use this as a workbench it was annoying. I called and they suggested putting a couple of lag screws through the top of the chest into the underside of the stainless steel top. I did this and now the top does not move at all. The stainless steel top is pretty solid and looks like it will last years. It almost looks too nice to use. I would recommend this chest to anyone. I don’t think you can beat it for the money spent. I would purchase it again without a second thought. (Posted on 1/8/2015) Describe Yourself: Casual/Recreational

Mark from Prosper, TX

Professional Organization

This toolbox is well constructed, and since it is aluminum is relatively lightweight. I am glad I purchased the aluminum tool box, because the steel toolbox would have been much heavier. The layout of the toolbox imposes organization on your tools! The one thing is, if you have any ratcheting or gearwrench style wrenches, they don’t fit well on the wrench tabs. So I put them in a wrench roll, and the fit nicely in the bottom. Also, it would be nice if the socket tabs were adjustable, because some sockets get pretty tight for the small sizes.

Wilky from Larwill, IN

A+ Tool Box and customer service!

This has been the best tool box purchase experience EVER! Amazing customer service from the initial contact through delivery. Tim and Shannon were awesome! I’ve been a mechanic for over 40 years and this is the best toolbox hands-down I’ve ever purchased. I have two snap on boxes now and this box is much better. Thank you for an amazing product that will far surpass my lifetime! Highly recommend these guys if you are in the market for a great quality toolbox, that will last a lifetime, and EXCEPTIONAL customer service, second to none! You guys ROCK!


56″ tool vault

I am very happy with this toolbox It is a third of the cost of a big name tool box they are a little different but all and all for the money i would pic the tool vault any day i will most definitely buy again when i get ready for another tool box The guys at strictly tool boxes are very nice to deal with the service i got was top notch Shannon was very helpful on telling me the differences in the toolboxes he even saved me some money what more could u ask for ” thanks again”

Richard from Palatka FL

Tool Vault is worth the money!

I purchased a used Snap On classic 78 a couple of years ago. A few weeks ago, I decided I would sell it and purchase a Tool Vault box after reading many reviews on the stb website as well as on about one year ago, I had emailed Shannon and received a lot of great information and I felt it was a good time to get something that will be more box than I will ever need, while saving many hundreds of dollars over the Snap On toolbox. I enjoyed the deep 24″ drawers on my other toolbox and I was unsure how the 18″ depth would be for me. As it turns out, for me being a home hobbyist the lack of depth doesn’t create an issue. I also changed how I had my tools organized and I have three drawers still unused and need to be filled up. I don’t mind the stiff detents on the drawers. If I ever do have to move my box I know my drawers will stay shut. Shipping was perfect with liftgate service. I had no damage to the packaging and it took me about 20 mins to put the casters on working by myself and taking my time. I am extremely pleased with this box and I cannot wait for the stainless steel top to arrive. Thank you so much stb for offering a great value on a really great toolbox.

Brian from Derby Kansas


Great tool box it gets the job done!

Taylor from Arlington TN

Awesome Tool Box

I am a Harley Davidson Master Tech. I can’t tell you how happy I am with this Tool Vault Elite 72″ 17 Drawer Tool Cabinet. First of all, I wish I would knew about a long time ago, it would have saved me ton of Money. I sold my 72′ snap-on to buy this box and this tool Vault is way better. The guys in the shop were like, wow really nice, and it only cost 1/3 of what a Snap-on box the same size would cost. I can’t wait to order the riser and side cabinet. From the time I place the order, the service was great. They called me within the hour to let me know they had sold three over the weekend but an order was coming in Thursday, and it would be shipped out by Friday the latest. I got it the following Wed. morning. Crate was great, I followed the instructions for delivery. And everything went good. This toolbox gets a 10 in my book.

Jeff from Langhorne, Pa.

Awesome toolbox

I originally purchased a smaller Montezuma toolbox from Strictly Toolboxes but decided it was to small. I am very pleased with all the room this toolbox has. I work for the utility department in my town and farm on the side. This tool box is big enough to carry all the tools I use on both jobs. And ordering from Strictly Toolboxes could not have been easier. Their prices can not beat. Thank you

Cummins Cowboy from Clifton, Tennessee

You will not be disappointed if you buy this box!

I could not be more pleased with this purchase. The quality is as good, if not better, than the truck brands, for less than half of the cost. The drawers are a bit tight at first, but do smooth out with use once loaded. All drawers open ALL of the way allowing complete access to the entire space. This toolbox screams quality and I am certain that it will last a lifetime of heavy use.


Lime Tool Time

Have been using this box for over a year now and it is great. Drawers open and close nicely. The drawer liners stay in-place. Casters roll good and the handles are solid. Moved all my tools from 2 standard size overflowing rollaway boxes into this huge box, and still had some room to add some new tools. The lime green paint is so sharp.

72 Stingray from Raleigh, North Carolina

Looks Classy and built tough

I own a auto body shop so I decided to upgrade my old Mxxxx toolbox. My other techs have nice Cxxxxxx tool box and sxxx-ox toolbox and when you see them your first impression is “wow, look at those nice tool boxes”. They were very impressive from my point of view and they did bring some class to my shop when they brought their tool boxes in. That is when I wanted a upgrade both sxxx-ox and cxxxxxxxx said I have this tool box for $5700 but it was not as big as the Montezuma. Cxxxxxxx said I can get you a similar toolbox for around $4200. I looked at both of them and the toolboxes were pretty sharp nice colors the only thing that they lacked was the amount of drawers and the size of the drawers also the nice color the toolbox is. That is when my mind was made up to get me the Montezuma. When my toolbox came and we unpacked it you could just see the look in techs eyes when we got it all unpacked and put the handles on the beautiful toolbox. The first words out their mouths were “How Much did you pay for this?”. Later that day my one tech said to the sxxx-ox man “I wanna try and sell my toolbox”. That put a smile on my face when I heard it. I love this toolbox – plenty of room, nice and big, color is great, the quality is top notch, and customer service is right on point. I had to give a key to my son called them up and without question they sent me 2 keys free of charge. My experience with strictly tool boxes has been a good one. Great company to do business with! Way to go guys! I’m already setting up to make my next buy. A side cabinet and hutch. Now when customers come in they see my toolbox first out of the other 3 toolboxes. My toolbox is the real eye catcher! Thanks STB. PS . I almost forgot when sxxx-ox saw it the first thing he said was that it was not good quality. Our boxes are painted on the inside and most boxes you get online are just painted on the outside and the bearings are junk as well. Being the Asshole I am I said “Really?” in front of a

Rich from Baltimore,Maryland

Great box for the price

I did some research and decided to order the elite 72. I am very pleased with my purchase so far, all seems very well built and is a great compliment to my tools. I would highly recommend these tool boxes to anyone looking to buy new with price and quality in mind.

Brian from Cromwell, CT
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