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56″ Tool Vault 11-Drawer Cabinet

I needed a larger tool box and, while looking around, I eventually found Strictly Toolboxes. I heard very good things about these guys and their products. I must have called them five times, and they remained helpful and friendly. I finally settled on this 56″ Tool Vault cabinet and put in the order. Shipping was fast, the packaging was very good. The box was strapped down to a wood shipping pallet, very secure and well-covered with cardboard. The cabinet is quite well made. The drawers are solid-feeling and operate smoothly. Even the full-width topmost drawer is stable and has four steel stiffeners welded across the bottom. You can load this big drawer up with heavy tools, should you want, and it will be fine. The six casters are of good quality, ball-bearing type with grease fittings. The paint and fit and finish are great, very nice look and feel. I am quite happy with this tool box and would recommend it to anyone

Steve from Idaho Springs, Colorado


We bought 2 of these tool boxes to organize tooling for our CNC Lathes. They work fantastic! We have loaded the drawers to maximum capacity with no problems. Will be buying a couple more of these in the future.

KB from Spanish Fork, Utah

So much more tool space

Overall very satisfied with the toolbox. I ordered the 36″ and 26″ and they arrived very quickly. I bought the 36″ as an upgrade from my 30″ I had been using for 6 years in my service pickup The biggest reason for the upgrade was to have space for metric wrenches and sockets required for our newer farm equipment. The toolbox fits all the tools and I had along with room to spare. I ended up having to buy more sockets and wrenches to keep it from looking empty. The tool box itself isn’t quit as heavily built as my old 30″ but does seem pretty durable. The only downside to this tool box is that it doesn’t have the slide over lock like my old box but instead has a gas cylinder. The 26″ was purchased to put up against the headache rack on a pickup with a bale bed to do quick repairs without needing to get out the service pickup.

tmont from Almena, KS

Great value

Deceptively big. Looked big in the pictures, but this thing is massive in person. Delivery was great, showed up weeks early. Build quality is top notch. This will be my last toolbox. Professional mechanic, master tech, European specialist.

Matthew l.


Love my new box! Just like others have said “what a beast”. Wasn’t sure I would like the latch handles (kind a old school detent kinda of guy) but they work great. Better than my coworkers S***On plastic slide latch which come apart all the time. So much room! I just moved from a 56″ w/2 small side cabs and a hutch which was over flowing. Now my new setup looks kinda empty. Guess i will have to by more tools! I love the space behind the hutch just enough room for long power strip and hides all the cords. Everyone loves the ss top. The side cabs came with heavy duty shipping castors and spacers still took 2 guys and a jack to get them hug on the box.Oh and i lucked out w/side cabs being on back order they came left and right no flipping wheels and door as stated in instructions. All the keys matched except the hutch. A quick email will fix that. If i had one complaint it would be either some kind of door stay or bump guard on side doors as they tend to want to close themselves,not good when drawers are open. Don’t want to scratch inside of door. Again great box and great service.


Lime Tool Time

Have been using this box for over a year now and it is great. Drawers open and close nicely. The drawer liners stay in-place. Casters roll good and the handles are solid. Moved all my tools from 2 standard size overflowing rollaway boxes into this huge box, and still had some room to add some new tools. The lime green paint is so sharp.

72 Stingray from Raleigh, North Carolina

Best box I have owned yet

I have had this tool box for a little over a year and I am still impressed with the quality and look of the toolbox. Compare to any tool truck boxes and you get loads more for your money. I priced out boxes for over 6 months and decided to go with (aka my wife said ok) this box. Never regretted anything about it. I do wish I was able to get the top hutch. Unless you have 30 years of tools stored up you will not need the top tool cabinet. I would highly recommend this box to anyone looking for one that is 30 in deep.


72″ Elite

After running out of room in a much smaller Craftsman tool box I decided to upgrade. My boss had just purchased a slightly smaller toolbox from here and everyone was impressed with it. The purchase process was smooth as could be and the tool cabinet came crated to withstand a small bomb blast. I am glad I spent a little extra for the deeper box, stainless steel top and upgraded casters. It was worth every penny. What else can I say except that everyone else here hasn’t. After talking to my local Sxxx-Ox dealer, I’m glad I didn’t shell out the cost of a cheap car for a toolbox. No one needs to spend 10K or more for a tool box. I’m confident this toolbox will last me forever. Now the only problem is I have to buy more tools to fill it up!

Bret from mount kisco, New York

Very well made toolbox

I’m a small trucking fleet owner/mechanic, our tools were spread out across several cheaper store brand toolboxes and a workbench, I wanted something to consolidate all the tools into one toolbox without having to spend Tool truck brand $$$$. After much research I decided on a Montezuma 72″ elite combo. The roll cabinet arrived a couple weeks ago and is even better quality than I’d read. This toolbox is built like a tank, no flex to the drawers at all, even when loaded with heavy truck tools. The large wheels on the elite toolbox roll very easily for a tool box this size. Coming from smaller 18″ deep tool boxes, I really can’t say enough about the huge 30″ deep drawers. I would not hesitate to buy a Montezuma toolbox again. Absolutely tool truck quality at a much much lower pricetag. Shannon and was very easy to work with and answered all the questions I had quickly. The matching top chest was backordered when I originally ordered my combo, but it shipped today and should arrive sometime next week. I can’t wait to get the top chest mounted!

Paul J. from Centralia, Illinois

Awesome toolbox.

First off, I’m a full time heavy line technician at a busy honda dealership. I don’t take care of my tools. I work fast as a flat rate tech, and beat the piss out of every tool I use to fix engines. Including this box which I have not one complaint about. NOT ONE. When this tool box arrived I was very surprised at the quality. Opposite my toolbox on the other side of the wall pictured, is a snap-on box of roughly equivalent size and structure. The diffrence between the quality of those toolboxes is no contest. The tool vault tool box is much sturdier. The locking mechanisim is impressive compared to the snap-on box. The snap-on box you can almost pull the drawers out a full inch if you pull hard enough, and you can see the welds on the front of the drawers through the paint. Nothing like the thick construction and paint on the tool vault tool box. The best part is, the owner of the snap-on box paid FOUR TIMES as much as I did. Other technicians in the shop where jealous to the point of anger too see the quality they could have purchased (without getting ripped off by the major local tool sales reps). But they already bought their boxes, and paid too much. I know it’s tough to make a decision without putting your hands on what you’re buying. No joke, you won’t be sorry. This is a good company trying to make a name for themselves. Be smart. Buy from strictlytoolboxes. Don’t pay for the tool salesmans vacation to cancun. Twice.

Ryan from San Luis Obispo, California


First off I am not normally a guy that takes time to write a review but in this instance a felt compelled. The service from strictly tool boxes is 1st rate they make it very comfortable to make the purchase. Over the years I have owned several tool truck brand tool boxes this toolbox is hands down as good quality as any of them. I was nervous about delivery especialy after I found out I live in the area with the highest percentage of freight damage. When it arrived the crate was pretty banged up but they really package these things well the driver was great he helped me uncrate it and inspect it he was more excited than me lol. The toolbox was perfect not even a scratch. Could not be more impressed if your on the fence about buying one don’t think twice hands down it’s the best purchase I’ve made in a while. Thanks strictly tool boxes

Ray from Shirley. NY

Can’t even come close for the price.

I have been a diesel mechanic for more than 15 years, owned Craftsman, Snapon, and many others, but this has been the best bang for the buck I have found. For this price you cannot even touch a used toolbox of this size from the major brands and it easily matches their quality. Slides are smooth and very strong. First thing I did was stand in the bottom drawer and bounce. Pulled out one of the top drawer and hung off of it with little give at all and I weigh 227lbs. I would not hesitate to purchase this again or recommend it to anyone else. I can only think of three downsides: I wish it was made in the USA (support the home team!), I prefer drawer latches to detents, and I wish there was an option for more shallow drawers (I prefer square inches to cubic.) In daily use I find the detents to be a little strong, but it does come with softer ones if preferred; the casters roll smooth and the spring suspension lets it roll right over small bumps and debris and the fixed wheels in the middle make maneuvering easy. I just couldn’t ask for a better deal on a toolbox if this quality. Also do not hesitate about buying online. I was a little hesitant at first, but after seeing so many positive reviews I gave it a shot. Customer service was awesome and very prompt with replies and made sure to call once my order was processed to confirm and explain everything. The order was processed and shipped out quickly and arrived within 3 days. If I am ever in the market for another toolbox I will be a repeat customer

Brad from Huntsville, Alabama

Just do it. You won’t regret it.

I’m not normally the type to right reviews for products, but I could not be happier with this toolbox. I’ve been a professional heavy truck technician for 20 years and have owned tool boxes from all three of major tool trucks and this tool box is built every bit as well as any of them for a fraction of the price. I did hours and hours of research and comparison before deciding to place the order and these boxes compare in every way to the big names. Customer service when ordering and through delivery was bar none the best I’ve ever had. And shipping was fast. I had the box 3 days after ordering.

Guy with a new toolbox

Pretty Impressed

I bought this to replace an aging Craftsman 26″ 6 drawer chest that I use in my (dirt bike) trailer. I finally got the shower built in to my trailer, and the Craftsman wasn’t going to fit where I “wanted” it to. This Montezuma portable tool box fits perfectly in the space I had available… Better than anything else I could find (this is for sure an “odd” size as far as toolboxes go). It has to be difficult to design an “organizer” toolbox that can fit everyone’s needs. When I say “organizer”, I mean that it has specifically designed locations for certain types of tools. If you don’t have (or want) those specific tools, then these extra spots are wasted. In my particular use case, I don’t really have the need to carry any 1/2″ drive sockets, so the prongs that would normally hold those sockets are just taking up space (I’m considering cutting them off, but there isn’t really anything else I could put there, so that doesn’t gain me much). Maybe I’ll come up with a modification that will allow me to use that space, but right now it isn’t worth much. The second (also nitpicking) gripe I have, is that the wrench hangers go from large to small across the back of the box, such that you have to hang your large metric wrenches next to your large standard wrenches on the left, and then hang your smaller metrics and standards next to each other on the right. It would have been nice if they could have gone large to small on the left, then large to small again on the right, (like they did with their socket prongs) so you could hang your all your metrics together on the left and all your standards together on the right, rather than having them all intermingled (making it harder to find the right wrench). Third nitpick… This would be the perfect tool box (for me) if it were a few inches taller and had a “junk drawer” (or two) built in to the base. Would be nice to have a little extra space to throw some random extra parts. But those are all nitpicks. Overall this is a heavy duty toolbox that has nice thick steel (has to be double the thickness of the old Craftsman), a thick powder coat, and a solid latch. It looks and feels like it will last me the rest of my life. Overall, really nice tool box, easy access to sockets, wrenches, and screwdrivers (other stuff is a little buried). I would like to give 4 1/2 stars, but it is more worthy of a 5 star than a 4 star. Purchase was easy and shipping was fast. Nice toolbox!!!

Brian from Kansas

Do not second guess buying this!

I was apprehensive to buy the toolbox at first, so I called the company directly. Tim was super helpful at letting me know what it all had to offer and what shipping would look like and all the details I needed to decide. After I ordered the tool box Tim called me directly and let me know that my box has shipped and was on its way. It only took 5 days to get it too! Very happy with the product itself. The drawers pull so nice and lock in perfect even when fully loaded. Don’t second guess buying this box.

Austin G

Excellent Quality

Arrived as advertised, very quick shipping. Excellent packing and the 1100 lb toolbox arrived flawless and undamaged. Tool box is snap-on plus quality at 1/6 the price, what’s not to like.


awesome box

I love my new tool box and recommend all my friends to check out Great deal on a solid toolbox!

Chris from Louisa, Virginia

Just buy it already!

I am a professional automotive technician and work at a Chevrolet dealership. I had more than outgrown my tool box and needed something new. A google search brought me to and their Tool Vault Elite line. After a bunch of research, I pulled the trigger and ordered a 72x30in box in lime green. I received emails and phone calls from Strictly Toolboxes within an hour detailing shipping information and instructions for receiving and inspecting the box. Just over 48 hours after ordering, FedEx delivered my new box to the shop. The delivery driver helped un-crate the box and stood by while I inspected it. Any reservations I had about spending over $3,000 on a toolbox without first handling it in person faded away immediately. It is solid! I have been super impressed with the box, and so have the other techs in the shop. Even my Foreman (who recently bought a $15,000 Snap-On box), has showed my box off to several people and bragged on how affordable it was. A few techs have said they will likely buy from Strictly Toolboxes when the time comes to upgrade their boxes. Having used the box for nearly a month, my only gripe about the box is the rough, textured finish to the silver aluminum drawer pulls. They collect oily, greasy fingerprints immediately, and are a pain to clean. Other than that, the box is outstanding. If you are on the fence about buying one of these boxes, just do it. And if you’re thinking about spending 3 or 4 times as much on a box off of the tool trucks, don’t! Having handled my box and boxes from Snap-On, Matco and Mack I can honestly tell you they aren’t worth the premium. Buy Tool Vault with confidence.


52 inch tool vault black

Nearly a month now and I’m STILL as happy as the day it arrived…probably more so! Looks awesome, and has really helped get things organized! Many congratulatory comments from friends, family and neighbors! (even the wife likes it) Drawers glide without effort, even after loading, and the tools don’t shift around. So much better than what the big toolbox stores offer! Solid unit, well made, and the delivery process went far more smoothly than I ever could have imagined!! Arrived in flawless condition, thanks to STB’s attention to detail! The 6 swivel castors make all the difference! Shannon and his crew know their business!! Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, customer service! DO NOT hesitate to call him or order from STB! Now to the cons… > I have found I need more space. > Although the Craftsman tool boxes work for now, they just don’t cut it, and really detract from the beauty of the Tool Vault. > Not enough ready cash to buy the upper, but when it IS “ready”, I’ll be calling Shannon! Took a gamble, and I’m glad I did! If YOU’RE on the fence…It’s time to jump! K.

Tool Vault 52incher from West Chester Pa.

This box is the BOMB!

One of the mechanics up at the International dealer has one of these tool boxes, I saw it the other day and purchased one when I arrived home. This toolbox is the BOMB! I have very limited space in my garage right now. We will fix that issue come Spring time. Now, everything, the commonly used stuff is easily accessible. The shipping was extremely fast, three days to Detroit area. The box arrived undamaged, even though it looked like it had been dropped and banged around a few times, it did manage to come through unscathed. The construction is solid, this is not some Sears or Home Depot tool box. The paint job is heavy duty too, very impressed. I can see why this makes for a good mobile tool chest solution, this chest is solid. If you are looking at one of these boxes, just do it! As you will wonder how you got along without one once you receive it.


Four years later and still going strong

Waited four years of abuse to write this review. Back story “professional technician” working at a dealership sometimes 6 days a week. Four years later this thing has held up amazing. Everyone at the shop is impressed even the tool truck drivers. If your starting out get one of these, don’t be tool box poor. Put that money into buying tools. You can trade up later for hardly any money loss. You won’t do that because this thing is fantastic. Plus you may decide this isn’t the career for you and you don’t have much invested into a metal shell. Watched many new guys come and go selling a toolbox for 1/4 of what they paid off the truck. If your experienced get one of these they are built tough and last. Put money into other interists. My only regret is not buying the larger and deeper version.

Potato Salad

I LOVE my new tool box!

I LOVE my new tool box! It is high quality construction at an affordable price and I know quality construction because I a general contractor and have to maintain all of my equipment (toys) and tools. I did a lot of research before I purchased a tool box and found your product to be far superior to the competitions overpriced tool boxes. The only problem that I can find with my new tool box is that I had to buy more tools, oh darn! I would recommend this tool box to anyone who appreciates their tools, as long as they have room, it is big!

John from Fresno, California

Tool vault 56inch box

Great tool box for the price don’t hesitate buy it worth every penny

Pc67600 from Minnesota

Really good people to deal with at strictly tool box

Really good people to deal with at strictly tool box. I’m super happy with the size of the Tool Box. Now just to finish adding a light bar in the hutch and I’m good to go.

David from Memphis

Exactly what my husband needed

This toolbox solved the problem of transporting his tools. It’s big enough to hold most tools at work but still small enough to through I. The truck and take with you if needed. Plus we got it on sale total bonus

Amy from dresden, Ontario

Best tool box for the money, PERIOD!

I have been researching the high end toolboxes for more than a year. I looked at everything from budget to high end tool boxes. The lower end would not cut it in my line of work and the high end tool boxes were way out of my price range. I ran across and was very hesitant to jump on the Montezuma bandwagon, only because I have never seen one in person. To make a long story short, I took the chance and I can say, I think this is probably the best surprise I have ever had when buying online. The toolbox was shipped with so much padding it took me longer to unpack it than to stock it with my tools. The only complaint I have with my entire purchase is with the shipping company. There was a little damage to the back but I couldn’t do anything about it because the shipping company Saia had someone other than myself sign for it. I should have been the ONLY one authorized to sign for my box. Anyway, the toolbox was shipped extremely fast. The toolbox matches the best boxes I have seen in quality. I have people come up to my box and can’t believe I have twice the toolbox they have for a third of the price. Bottom line, buy this toolbox if you are in need of a heavy duty, great quality and extremely heavy tool chest. I believe that this tool box will last me the rest of my career. Once I decide that I am in need for more room, you can bet that I will be purchasing a top box from Strictly Tool Boxes. And one more thing, if you have ever heard of the term “supply and demand”, you will understand what I am about to say. You better buy one of these soon because once the cats out of the bag about these toolboxes, the price will start to match the quality.

Bryan from Omaha, NE

Love This Tool Box

I priced tool boxes of this size from 3 major tool dealers and none of them could match the price of this tool box. I’ve had this toolbox in the shop for over 7 months and I don’t have the first complaint, except that I keep buying tools trying to fill it up. The quality of this tool box is outstanding from the double slides on the deep drawers to the fully braced bottom and heavy duty casters. The prelined drawers are also a nice touch. I recommend to everybody who ask about my tool box, Shannon was great to deal with and my tool box was shipped quickly and arrived undamaged.

Judith from Edenton , North Carolina

Perfect Tool Storage

This is a perfect box to keep all my tool organized while on jobs has plenty of room for all my tools and doesn’t take up a lot of room on my truck. Would recommend this box for any one look for a great storage solution for all your tool.

Jay from Bear River City , Utah

Montezuma Elite 72″ 17 Drawer Tool Cabinet

I purchased this tool box 2 months ago on 11/16/2012. I am a manchanic and car dealer and wanted to have this box for a few weeks before i wrote a review on it. I just love this toolbox,and since I am a mechanic this box gets used alot. This box is everything they say it is, price, quality, durability, its all great I would highly recommend this box to everyone. I had been looking at boxes for awhile and almost spent 4 times the amount for one. I am so glad I got online and found this box. i dont really have any dislikes, maybe latches on the drawers or a place to plug in my tools to charge them.. I just think this is a great box and its at a great price. You cant go wrong.You will love it.

Aj from Celina, Ohio

Great quality product!

Great quality product! Exceptional price and outstanding customer service. Would recommend to anyone in need of a tool storage solution.


Excellent investment !

I am an Aviation Director of Maintenance for a corporation where time is money and every tool is a valuable resource. This box provides great storage for my hard earned assets and for 1/4 of the price for what a tool truck was offering me for the same dimension box, you can’t beat the price. My company purchased this box for me and I had the choice to go anywhere, after finding STB , I couldn’t bring myself to spend 12k plus for something less quality than this box. From the online purchase to the delivery STB was informative and customer service is top notch. I purchased the extra $30 for the lift gate option and when it arrive the truck did not have the gate. We did have a forklift so it was not an issue and STB reimbursed me that day ( within the next two hours after delivery ). I am impressed and very glad I went with them. The only problem I have now is the need to go buy more tools and fill this baby up! Five stars all the way around.

J-mech from stratford, ct

Great service

We outfitted the tool boxes with equipment to assemble a handful of prototype corn planters and for field service repairs. The tool boxes are well built with great organization racks to allow us to quickly find each tool easily. The price was great and delivery was very quick. Thanks for the great service.

Kevin from Harper , Kansas


I put a lot of thought into this tool box before purchasing. I checked the layout measurements and compared it to my tools and my needs, even going as far a drawing out where and how my tools would go. The layout measurements they have are spot on and this box is beyond what I actually figured it would be for the price. The drawers do not wobble, they do not sag when loaded down, and they pull out and push in very smooth without any snagging. The liners included in the drawers stick to the bottom and do not slide around from opening and closing and keep all the tools where you laid them. The locking system works that when locked, it slides tabs up and in front of the drawer slides which I personally like better than hooking from the back, it also will not allow you to lock it unless every drawer is completely shut. The box also comes with paperwork that has all spare part numbers if any future item needs replaced. I did not purchase the stainless top and it came with the rubber top that is about 3/8 inch thick and sets perfectly on top without any movement. I did end up regretting not getting the stainless top just as a personnel preference, I emailed and I was able to purchase the top separately, I just had to cover shipping since I did not purchase it with the toolbox. All in all this box holds itself against any major tool competitor. Do not waste years of weekly payments on a tool box off the trucks, this is a purchase that I guarantee you will not regret.


snxp-xn kryptonite

I am a full time diesel mechanic at an International dealership. All 8 other mechanics in my shop have 72″ Snxp-xn boxes with hutches. I have worked out of my buddies 72″ snxp-xn tool box that he wasn’t using for the past 9 months till I could save up enough to buy my own. I stumbled across this site while looking for used tool boxes and was skeptical at first. I did as much research as I could, comparing drawer arrangements, weight ratings, and the gauge of steel used in construction. Finally I ordered a 72″ Montezuma with a stainless top and faultless castors. It arrived 2 days later in great shape…. the packaging was incredibly thorough; 1/4″ plywood outside of 3/4″ styrofoam with thick plastic covering the tool box itself. One look at the tool box and you can tell that these tool boxes are built well. The drawers slide very smoothly and securely on the rollerbearing slides and extend all the way out without being difficult to return inward. The handles that you install on both ends are very classy looking and are very strong. Several items that are different but not necessarily worse than the tool truck boxes are as follows: The stainless top is textured slightly which makes it a little hard to write on, the drawer detents are rather stiff but the tool box has softer spare detent blocks and instructions on how to install them, and all the end castors swivel which make it easy to maneuver but also make the box slightly more difficult to push in a straight line. Things i like about this tool box… the extra security drawer, the great paint job it has, the no-skid drawer liners that come with the tool box, the 2 wide shallow drawers underneath the socket drawer; I use one for wrenches and the other for screwdrivers and pliers, I also like having a handle on each end of the tool box. The thing I like best is that all the other guys in the shop are asking the tool truck dealer why their tool boxes cost so much!!! After seeing my tool box, one of my coworkers said that Snxp-xn is becoming a brand name cult! That said, I have been working out of it for 2 weeks and I love the tool box! All the other guys in the shop have been amazed at how nice this toolbox is for a 3rd of the price that they paid for their tool boxes. I would be amazed if anyone else who saw my tool box would still pay $10,000 for a tool truck tool box! I would never hesitate to convince anyone to get this tool box over more expensive tool boxes. As long as Montezuma keeps making them and strictly-toolboxes keeps selling them I will never buy anything else from anyone else! (Posted on 1/20/2012) Describe Yourself: Full time Automotive

ARMYTECH from Lima, OH

Great box great price

Oh my goodness, I was full in a matco 4’s and an hf side locker. Got this toolbox and hutch with the side locker for the 84”. It’s amazing now I feel like I have no tools. Ordering was easy. Delivery was mostly easy. Lower box was slightly damaged but they will take care of you. Set up is a little difficult even for two journeyman so make sure you have help and follow directions.


Amazing box!

Love this toolbox and the quality that you get for the price. Totally recommend to everyone that sees it to go to I have this thing nearly filled up and it is handling the weight like a true champ. You can’t beat this price and quality. Thanks!

Benjammn from Chandler, AZ

Big box.

This thing is huge. Great quality. Packaged really well. I am very happy with this tool box. The drawers open and close really nice. I recommend this tool box for those who need the space. The price is great too, for get spending all that money on a Sxxx-Ox or Mxxxx. Get this toolbox and get more tools with the difference.

Dennis from Castleford, Idaho


First of all the toolbox is way more than I expected for the price. I was worried because I didn’t get to see the tool box in person before spending the money. I was also concerned about shipment and the damage that might occur with a toolbox this size but the crates were very well packaged. The buying process was really easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Everyone is my shop was impressed with the quality for the price. Great buy!

Travis from Huntersville, North Carolina

Great tool storage for easy access to your tools anytime

Great box !! Would have been nice to have tool options for different jobs to fit your toolbox, but love the tool box.

Joe from Winnsboro, Louisiana

Tool Vault 56″ 11 drawer cabinet.

We have four of these in the building. The latest on is in the tooling department between the Haas VF4ss and the Haas VF2ss. It is used for tool storage and as a work station. This tool box is very sturdy and the drawers; even when loaded slide in and out very easily. This toolbox and the top box are highly recommended for anyone needing a high quality tool box at a very good price point—-with free shipping.

David from Spokane Valley, Washington
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