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the greatest tool box

started working at a toyota dealership that did not have built in tool boxes like my old toyota dealership. so i spent 2 months looking around for a large toolbox, the big name trucks where out of the question with the 8k-12k price tags. the internet pointed me to this web site and after asking around i took the plunge and bought one. it comes shipped like a tank 1/4 inch plywood on the outside a cardboard box and foam on the inside. the truck driver really wanted to see what was inside so he made it his last delivery so he could see me open it. all the guys in the shop came over to help me open it. we all loved the paint everything about the box NO ONE BELIEVED how much i paid for the box until i showed them the only thing i wish is that i BOUGHT THE HUTCH at the same time if you can buy the hutch

Joseph from boca raton, Florida

Just do it. You won’t regret it.

I’m not normally the type to right reviews for products, but I could not be happier with this toolbox. I’ve been a professional heavy truck technician for 20 years and have owned tool boxes from all three of major tool trucks and this tool box is built every bit as well as any of them for a fraction of the price. I did hours and hours of research and comparison before deciding to place the order and these boxes compare in every way to the big names. Customer service when ordering and through delivery was bar none the best I’ve ever had. And shipping was fast. I had the box 3 days after ordering.

Guy with a new toolbox

You won’t be sorry!!

I looked at a lot of toolboxes that are sold from trucks but didn’t want to spend that much money!! After doing some research on Tool Vault I found that their specs matched some name brand toolbox specs so I ordered this combo unit. When my tool box arrived it was very well packaged and without any damage. This box is very heavy duty and well built, so glad I got one!! Can’t wait to add a locker or two


Impressed with how well it’s built

I spent a lot of time looking at tool boxes this size I was concerned that this box would not be made as well that Snap On or Cornwell ext. I was wrong this massive toolbox is built as well if not better. Other guys in my shop that buy only big name tool boxes are impressed with how well it’s built. I placed the order on a Monday morning after talking to Tim the next Monday I received my box undamaged. If i would change a few things I would a power top would be nice, and the instructions for setting up the hutch are a little vague.



I am a full time auto mechanic, I was looking for a quality tool cabinet at a good price, I looked for about 3 weeks before I found this site. I purchased the Tool Vault 56″ 11 Drawer Tool Cabinet, it was shipped right away and I received it 3 days later. it was packaged amazingly well and was in perfect condition. I can not be happy with it, I will probably be getting the upper tool box at some point in the future

hucktooth from Elma NY


I bought the small Montezuma tool box to mount on the front of my Quad Trac tractor. Love these toolboxes! they are durable, keep things well organized. I own 3 of these now and wouldn’t buy anything else. My wife likes the color options, thats why I have a red one this time.

Busy SD Farmer from Bowdle, SD

72 inch montezuma elite

I love my tool box. IT has more space than I ever imagined.All my fellow workers were astonished how big it is.Great service from,called for extra keys and sent at no charge to me,the drawers are deep enough for all my tools.Love the stainless steel top also,would highly recommend this toolbox to anybody wanting a heavyduty box for a reasonable price.

Rogerb from New Smyrna Beach,FLORIDA

Do not second guess buying this!

I was apprehensive to buy the toolbox at first, so I called the company directly. Tim was super helpful at letting me know what it all had to offer and what shipping would look like and all the details I needed to decide. After I ordered the tool box Tim called me directly and let me know that my box has shipped and was on its way. It only took 5 days to get it too! Very happy with the product itself. The drawers pull so nice and lock in perfect even when fully loaded. Don’t second guess buying this box.

Austin G

Best Tool Box Ever Purchased

Let me start by saying I was a little hesitant to drop down such a hefty amount without researching the tool box first, all I found were the best reviews, so now after having it for 9 months it’s one of the best decision’s I ever made and well worth the money paid! The quality of the tool box is unbelievable. This is NOT a cheaply made product, all top of the line materials used. Delivery was a breeze, had my tool box set up in no time. I also have to give a lot of credit to Shannon, he was great to deal with and was accurate on the shipping details. Great customer service with They will have my recommendations to anyone who is in search of a tool box.

Junkman from Elizabeth, NJ

Everybody likes it

When it showed up at my work, everybody was like how much did you pay for it? The packaging was great, and it looked like it did on the website. Some of the guys are now looking at buying boxes from Strictly Toolboxes. Thank you for a great product.

Cliff 40 from Strasburg, CO


First of all the toolbox is way more than I expected for the price. I was worried because I didn’t get to see the tool box in person before spending the money. I was also concerned about shipment and the damage that might occur with a toolbox this size but the crates were very well packaged. The buying process was really easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Everyone is my shop was impressed with the quality for the price. Great buy!

Travis from Huntersville, North Carolina

Great Tool Box

I’ve been in the heavy equipment repair business for 38 years and had my share of tool boxes. the quality of my new box is exceptional. some of the other guys in the shop have the high end boxes from the major tool trucks and they can’t believe the quality and especially the price of my box. The hutch and the side cabinets were great add ons and the customer support was fantastic. I had some trouble with the trucker and they took care of it with 1 phone call.i can’t say enough about the company and there products.

Philip from Lindenhurst, New York

Best Tool box

I am a ASE Master Tech and have been working in the automotive repair business for over 25 years. I was looking for a replacement for my over stuffed Craftsmen tool box. I found this toolbox co. while surfing the web. I am glad I did. At first I was shy and worried about ordering a tool box without seeing it. The price was to good to be true too. When comparing it to Snap on and Matco. The price is a lot less then theirs but the quality is the same. This is by far the best investment I have made in my career.

John from Grapevine Texas

Make Truck Brand Buyers Look Like Fools

*This toolbox is used in a Professional Automotive setting everyday within a very large Toyota Dealership* I ordered the Montezuma Elite 72″ with Hutch about 3 months ago and feel I have had enough time with it to give a thorough review. First off, let me say that I couldn’t have been happier with the service given to me by Strictly. Joe is incredible, answers all questions and gives you updates on everything. He really gets involved right about when the box is delivered, making sure you, the buyer, understands the entire delivery inspection process. When the box is delivered, it looks as well packaged as any highly important package. It took a good deal of time to get the tool boxes out to check them over. I looked over every inch of the both pieces and found absolutely nothing wrong. There was a hole punched through the exterior wood board, but there was so much protective foam and packaging inside, that nothing got through. This is a testament to their incredible packaging job, and the care they give when delivering your toolbox. After everything is out and setup, I really got to take a good look at how massive this thing is! These tool boxes are tanks, and are very solid. Believe me, the 1400lbs that this setup is quoted at, is no exaggeration, there’s a lot of steel in this tool box! It took 4 of us to lift the hutch up on the tool box. Only odd thing, is that I found I had to drill through the SS top to mount the hutch. Maybe I did it wrong? But i couldn’t find any other way to mount it. The mounting hardware is hidden so no one would ever know. After the hutch was mounted, I was able to start playing with things. The hutch door opens with a little muscle required just because of how thick and rugged it is. As it rolls back in, it makes a nice thud when it engages it’s stop. The ONLY complaint, is that it doesn’t go in farther. I keep worrying i might bash my head on it, but when i looked at other hutches, it seems to be a typical trait of all hutches. So no points deducted! The shelf is way nicer than most would thing. Keeping things up out of the way, but still within reach

Ryan from Rochester, NY

72″ Elite

After running out of room in a much smaller Craftsman tool box I decided to upgrade. My boss had just purchased a slightly smaller toolbox from here and everyone was impressed with it. The purchase process was smooth as could be and the tool cabinet came crated to withstand a small bomb blast. I am glad I spent a little extra for the deeper box, stainless steel top and upgraded casters. It was worth every penny. What else can I say except that everyone else here hasn’t. After talking to my local Sxxx-Ox dealer, I’m glad I didn’t shell out the cost of a cheap car for a toolbox. No one needs to spend 10K or more for a tool box. I’m confident this toolbox will last me forever. Now the only problem is I have to buy more tools to fill it up!

Bret from mount kisco, New York

Montezuma 36″ crossover

I’ve been admiring these tool boxes ever since they first released the 26″ combo. I’ve held off for many years on buying this tool box and I’m glad I finally bought it. I purchased the 36″ crossover and found it is a lot more spacious than it appears in the photos. All the built on organization is awesome. No more throwing stuff on top and putting it away later, makes it easy to organize as you go. Awesome toolbox, I’m ordering the 41″ base to put underneath it. Making my neighbors jealous. If you’re looking for a spacious toolbox that will help keep you organized and make things easy to find, this is it.

Moe from Bonita Springs, FL

Material Handling Tech

The toolbox arrived right on time. Everyone was impressed with the packing and tool box. Even the Snap On Tool Man Had a Look. A month later I bought a top box

steve from St Louis MO

Great Tool Box

I ordered the 56″ bottom tool box after doing a lot of research and i am very impressed with it. It shipped the same day i ordered it, i was contacted to let me know it was shipped and what to do when it arrived. Was very well crated to prevent damage during shipment. The quality of box was extremely good, as good as the high priced toolboxes from some of the tool company’s but at a great price. I will be ordering the top box to go on this soon so i can get rid of the other boxes that i have now. I would highly recommend this to anyone from home amateurs to full time mechanics. .

Bob from Moseley, Virginia

Professional Organization

This toolbox is well constructed, and since it is aluminum is relatively lightweight. I am glad I purchased the aluminum tool box, because the steel toolbox would have been much heavier. The layout of the toolbox imposes organization on your tools! The one thing is, if you have any ratcheting or gearwrench style wrenches, they don’t fit well on the wrench tabs. So I put them in a wrench roll, and the fit nicely in the bottom. Also, it would be nice if the socket tabs were adjustable, because some sockets get pretty tight for the small sizes.

Wilky from Larwill, IN

Way worth it!

I purchased this tool box in orange back in June 2019. Since its arrival in a very well packed cargo crate the box has been the envy of the shop. A couple of the other techs plan on purchasing new toolboxes because of how great the quality and price are on these. Both the Mac and Snap on guy are actually impressed as well.


Highly recommend

I absolutly love my motezuma toolbox. I dont Know how i made it all these years wiithout it We do alot of custom hay an ranch work so im mainly work out of my pickup an havin all my tools organized an easy find jus makes things so much nicer. Thanks for builden such a nice tool box

John from Fairland , Oklahoma


I cant be happier with my tool cabinet! It quality compares to other company product that cost 3x as much. I’m just gettin back into the mechanic feild and needing to start from scratch with tools, the cost of this tool cabinet system gave me a leg up on being able to save money on my tool cabinet and invest more into my tools without compermizing quality.

richard from elmer, nj

Love and and worth the money

This toolbox great and well worth the money fully. Before I bought this tool box I was very skeptical and not shore about it because I was not able to find one in person to see, I read countless reviews on it and well then I bought the box, I’ve owned it for about a year and a half I wanted to write a review after I got to use it for a while. So for I have not had a single problem with this box at all, I go in the draws countless number of times during the day and it holds up. The price is great for what you’re getting. Other brands you can spend triple the amount and don’t even get what you’re getting here. I’m very happy with this, the paint on the toolbox seems really good the one thing is that the end caps on the pull handles only one fell out no big deal just put it back in. The locks work really good to lock the box up, and the door on the side locker is reversible depending on what side of the tool box you would like to put it on I put it on right side of my box and the only thing was the decal was upside down, no biggy, down below I post a few pic of the box, the one pic is of the stainless steel top the top is cool but not a 1/8” thick stainless plat but it does look good. The other pic is of the tool box yes I mounted a cord real on it. The other pics are the draw supports and also the casters if you look at these casters and other brands they look almost identical and they lock really well. And also having casters on the side locker really make it nice. The last pic is the slides they are Heavy duty. Never had a single problem with them . So all in all yes buy this you will save a lot of money and you be just as happy and still have a lot of room for your tools. When I was buying this from strictly toolboxes everyone was cool to deal with.

DG from Conshohocken PA

Lime Tool Time

Have been using this box for over a year now and it is great. Drawers open and close nicely. The drawer liners stay in-place. Casters roll good and the handles are solid. Moved all my tools from 2 standard size overflowing rollaway boxes into this huge box, and still had some room to add some new tools. The lime green paint is so sharp.

72 Stingray from Raleigh, North Carolina

great toolbox

So its been almost a year since I received my big green toolbox. I love it performs perfectly (as to say it opens and closes and locks as it is supposed to). For quality there is no difference between my tool box and the “sn** o*” box except for the $9000 price difference

fosterchad0 from Fairview Tennessee

Built like a tank!

Tool box, customer service and shipping all top notch. Now I need more tools to fill it up. Thank you


awesome box

I just received my Montezuma 72″ Elite tool box the other day and was impressed by its sturdiness. The toolbox has a nice stainless top that seems to be quite heavy duty. I received the the tool box within a week of ordering it, and was impressed with how protective the packaging was. I can’t wait to get the tool box to work and start using it every day. (Posted on 12/26/2011) Describe Yourself: Professional

Jasonr8806 from Columbus Ohio

Life is better with two

I heard from my team that our existing tool boxes we had in fab were in need of replacement. I was not involved with the purchase of our last tool boxes 5 years ago. So I started to look around and see what was out there. I found this one and it was a little bigger than our old one but seemed to fit the bill. We are not your normal shop customer. My company supports capital equipment in the semiconductor industry and we are in and out of these tool boxes daily working 24hrs a day and 365 days a year. So I was very interested in this particular type of tool box that came with a 5 year warranty. Personally I plan to use it as much as possible, and at the end of 5 years still have new tool boxes to work from. The people at StricklyToolboxes were every nice to work with in answering my questions before making our purchase. So far the reviews from my team are great. The stainless steel top is large enough to stage parts and also allow multiple laptops to be up and running for repairs on the equipment. I would highly recommend that if you are in the market for a new tool box that you take a look at this.

Scott from Orem, Utah


This toolbox is incredible! I am a diesel mechanic and was looking for a new tool box for my widely growing tool collection. I couldn’t be happier with making the decision to spend my hard earned money on this product. Im happy i went with the detents vs the new Montezuma with raise latches. I feel as they would get annoying after awhile. This box is much taller than i had expected, much more so than the other boxes in our shop. Me being 6’5″ makes it perfect height for me.. The only thing i wish was offered *hint *hint is black trim and pull handles. I think it would just be good as an option for the people going for that look. Also the handles are kind of hard to get dirt out of due the texture. If it was black it wouldn’t be an issue. I look forward to adding on to this cabinet and using this thing for a very long time. The best thing about buying from here is unlike the tool trucks you aren’t being badgered to spend more money on a bigger tool box with more options. You can take your time to research and make a stress free educated decision on what you want from your roller cabinet. Thank you strictlytoolboxes for your service and i will be recommending anyone in the market for a professional grade toolbox to you guys.

Stephen from Kansas City

Amazing box

Definitely enjoy this toolbox. Fast service. Ordered on Monday had it the following Wednesday. Very helpful staff. Tool box is all that was expected and more. Holds the weight of diesel tools well. Only dislike about the box it both end casters swivel and can make it difficult to steer across shop floor. Would highly recommend buying this tool box.


Great tool box at a great price

I spent over a year looking at the strictly tool boxes website before I decided to take the leap of faith and purchase it. With all the positive reviews regarding the box I felt comfortable with my purchase. The toolbox arrived on time and the packaging was top notch. Not a scratch or a ding to be found and the tool box is extremely sturdy. I work as a diesel mechanic and all of the other techs I work with were blown away at the quality and the value of this box. I will say this its not up to par with a snap-on box, but is extremely sturdy and the outer walls are just as thick as snappy. For the price it blows harbor freight and craftsman boxes out of the water, you honestly can’t even compare those boxes to this one. I will be buying the upper portion to this box at a later date and if they decide to come out with a hutch for this model tool box I would probably get that over the top box. I would recommend this toolbox to anyone out there who is on the fence about getting it. The the price and the quality of this box you can’t go wrong.

Jon from Miami Florida


Awesome tool box! Huge! Would buy it again.

david from san antonio

Really good people to deal with at strictly tool box

Really good people to deal with at strictly tool box. I’m super happy with the size of the Tool Box. Now just to finish adding a light bar in the hutch and I’m good to go.

David from Memphis

Line tech

Very good quality specially for the price. Will defininitly be buying from them in the future. Very good quality finish and very good quality overall

Jmg from Islip terrace

Awesome box, fast shipping!

This box arrived in perfect condition. I ordered it the day before Thanksgiving and it still made it from Florida to Colorado in less than a week. Incredible. The toolbox is sturdy, just as good if not better than any of the SnapOn or Cornwell boxes I’ve seen around the shop. The drawers were a little hard to open when empty, but with some weight in them they became much easier to open and close. I really like the drawer detents. I find that they hold the drawers closed better than normal latches would. With weight in them they open and close easily, and once closed they stay closed. They won’t ‘wander’ open. Strictly Toolboxes also has great customer service. I am confident that had I had a problem with the toolbox, or when receiving the toolbox that they would have sorted it out in no time. If I ever need another box I will buy again from these guys. I would highly recommend this box to anyone. Much cheaper than any of the tool truck brands and just as sturdy.

Lane from Fort Collins, CO
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