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Awesome Toolbox

This toolbox is really worth the money. Everyone who sees it is throughly impressed! I love it! It even impresses the tool guys who come into work. I will definitely tell everyone I know to buy one!

Andrew from Cambridge, Minnesota

A value too good to pass up!!

I had been looking at getting a new toolbox for some time. The toolbox set I had bought when I started school just wasn’t cutting it when I actually started working. Being a “stacked” style box, it was too tall to pass under the aircraft and it didn’t provide me any working area surface. I don’t remember how I came to find out about Montezuma toolboxes or But once I did, I was eye-balling the 72″ Montezuma Elite for A LONG time, many months to almost a year. I was hesitant to make such a large purchase on-line, but the alternatives cost way too much from one of the tool trucks. I browsed around several websites looking at different brands. But I always kept coming back to and the 72″ Montezuma Elite. It looked to be an awesome box at a very good price and seemed to have a history of happy customers. The day I decided to “pull the trigger” was when I was talking to a guy at work who was going to school. I had mentioned the 72″ Montezuma Elite I was think about and he said if I made the move, he’d buy my old box. That was all it took to get it past the Mrs. I placed my order one evening, and to my surprise, I got notified my box had been shipped by about 10 am the next day. About 48 hours later, it had already made it from in FL to Milwaukee!!! After that weekend, the truck pulled up to my driveway. I had already reviewed the receiving and freight inspection instructions many times and was ready the moment it hit the pavement. The driver was awesome too. He was curious as to what was in the crate and wanted to see it too when I told him it was my new toolbox. He even helped me uncrate it for inspection since the crate showed signs of a 1000 plus miles in the back of several semi-trailers. But the robust crate did it’s job and my shiny new blue Montezuma box emerged unscathed by the trip. I took it to work on my day off and spent several hours transferring all my tools to their new home. Many people knew I was getting a new box and right away it started attracting on-lookers and admirers. The complements still

Kent from Marquette, Michigan

Can’t harm it!

What a toolbox! I had it out in the oil patch could not believe how sturdy it was. It fell off my tractor from about 4 feet off the ground and I drove over it with one tire. That put a few dents in the tool box. It took me like 15 min to fix it, and now its just like new. This portable toolbox was the only way to go!

Martin from Harlowton, Montana

Unbelievable Quality

I am a lubricant marketer out Montana and service northwestern portion of the us. I have spent the last 15 years in shops and service departments. This toolbox holds it’s own with the best if them. I actually think it blows most away. Fast shipping too. Took about a week.

Kevin from Billings, Montana

56″ Tool Vault

Excellent customer service very polite and professional, great delivery process again very polite and professional people and as far as actual quality of the tool box 10/10 on appearances 10/10 on functionality ex: locks ,drawer slides, caster function.overall a great price and a quality chest and great buying experience


Lime Tool Time

Have been using this box for over a year now and it is great. Drawers open and close nicely. The drawer liners stay in-place. Casters roll good and the handles are solid. Moved all my tools from 2 standard size overflowing rollaway boxes into this huge box, and still had some room to add some new tools. The lime green paint is so sharp.

72 Stingray from Raleigh, North Carolina

Great Toolbox

Very sturdy and professional grade toolbox. Nice heavy duty Casters make moving it around the garage easy. Grab handles large and detents work great. Quality of box is very good. Bought this tool box for a home garage to work on motorcycles and my truck. Delivered in excellent shape.

Will from Forest Hill, MD

Awesome Tool Box!!!

I was in need of a bigger tool box and one that would not break the bank account. This Tool Vault 56″ one was an awesome decision for me. It is not a Matco or Snap On, but the build is as good compare to them. After doing some researching and reviewing, I am glad I bought this. It fits my need and all my tools. I was surprised at how the toolbox was designed and built.

JDM_207 from Milwaukee

72in top bottom and side locker montezuma

I love this toolbox it is ablsolutely worth the money it is no joke. This thing is monsterous. I like every feature of it from the construction to the way the drawers slide and the amount each draw can handle. I have owned a ##%% on for the last 5 yrs and this thing is built better that that one. It even came with a stainless steel top that i was not expecting thanks. I questioned getting the locker but now that I have it a would not go without one it is so nice to hold all kinds of specialty tools that i dont have to take out of their boxes. Only problem I have with the tool box is I dont have enough tools to fill it up yet. I’m 6’7″ and i can barely see into the top drawers. Everyone at my shop is jealous and wish they would have saved thousands and bought the tool box that I did

rausch42 from garden plain

If you buy this tool box first, it will be your last!!!

I have owned Craftsman tool boxes all my life, not anymore. The money I spent over the years was a lot more than the cost of this one. When I needed to purchase a new toolbox I went online and started looking for a tool box that would hold all my tools and last till retirement. This tool box will go the distance. It has a lot of metal in it and ball bearing drawers. The deep drawers are great for the thicker tools (air and battery tools, large wrenches, 3/4″drive, and batteries). The 2 1/4″ drawers are the right depth for the smaller wrenches, sockets, pliers, screwdrivers, and other small diameter items. If you are undecided about the 24″ versus 30″ Montezuma, go 30. You will not believe how much difference 6″ makes; it is like having an extra tool box as-far-as square inches are concerned. The hutch is money well spent for me. In my line of work documentation is produced as you reassemble motors. The top of the tool box is the right height to write. With the hutch, papers are protected and manuals are kept close at hand. Again the useable space in the hutch is massive. I love it. I have had several coworkers look over the tool box, and am impressed with the quality. The more I use this toolbox the more I like it. I have to say it did take me awhile to relearn the location of my tools, but that’s true with any tool box. I have to say this is the least expensive toolbox, as-far-as the quality is concerned! Par none!

Oscar from Franklin, Virginia

Dieseltech2 from Knoxville TN

At first I was a bit leary of buying a toolbox online without first seeing it. But I did and I couldn’t wait until it arrived I unboxed it and was extremely satisfied with the quality of the tool box. I transfered all my tools over to my new box and was amazed at still how much room I have or had left at that time. Everyone in the shop was amazed at the quality of the toolbox. I am currently in the process of trying to sell my brand name toolbox and will definitely be purchasing another toolbox from STB. The sales reps are really friendly and knowledgeable. Look for my new toolbox order within the next couple of months. Thanks guys for everything. Absolutely love the toolbox.

Dieseltech2 from Knoxville TN

Four years later and still going strong

Waited four years of abuse to write this review. Back story “professional technician” working at a dealership sometimes 6 days a week. Four years later this thing has held up amazing. Everyone at the shop is impressed even the tool truck drivers. If your starting out get one of these, don’t be tool box poor. Put that money into buying tools. You can trade up later for hardly any money loss. You won’t do that because this thing is fantastic. Plus you may decide this isn’t the career for you and you don’t have much invested into a metal shell. Watched many new guys come and go selling a toolbox for 1/4 of what they paid off the truck. If your experienced get one of these they are built tough and last. Put money into other interists. My only regret is not buying the larger and deeper version.

Potato Salad

Love This Box!

I had been wanting and needing a new and bigger tool box for a long time. Did my research for over a year trying to find the right one. Strickly Toolbox defiantly had the best value. Called them a few times to get further details and ask for their opinions. Customer service was amazing and they were very helpful. Had originally decided on the 56 inch combo but after talking to Robert decided on this one. I am very happy i did. Was more than enough room to hold everything i had plus i have extra room. I love the drawer configuration which i feel is where alot of other boxes fail and finding one thay worked with my tools and my OCD for organization was very important. This box meet all my standards! It is built VERY well. Everyone was amazed at the quality and value. I have had it for 3 months now and still very happy about it! I do plan on making a few more purchases from these guys including a hutch for this box. Thank you guys so much and i look foward to my next purchase!!!!

Jesse from GREER SC

Awesome tool box

Real good tool box for the money

Kb from Rochester ny

Happy! Happy! Happy!

This is by far the best value in the toolbox market! I haven’t been in this tool box very long yet, and I don’t always open the right drawer for the tools I’m looking for. Then again, sometimes I just open and close drawers in astonishment of how much room there is! Everyone that comes in the shop is amazed with it also.

Dale from Sibley, Iowa

Montezuma 36″ crossover

I’ve been admiring these tool boxes ever since they first released the 26″ combo. I’ve held off for many years on buying this tool box and I’m glad I finally bought it. I purchased the 36″ crossover and found it is a lot more spacious than it appears in the photos. All the built on organization is awesome. No more throwing stuff on top and putting it away later, makes it easy to organize as you go. Awesome toolbox, I’m ordering the 41″ base to put underneath it. Making my neighbors jealous. If you’re looking for a spacious toolbox that will help keep you organized and make things easy to find, this is it.

Moe from Bonita Springs, FL


After many years in the field it was time for a new tool box. After looking at all of the top end name brands I found myself not wanting to spend $10,000+ on a S***-On tool box. I then stumbled upon this site. I still scratch my head and wonder how someone can build such a bad a** toolbox and charge so little for it. It was mind blowing. The ordering process was great and the box arrived in a timely manner. The box was packaged very well. No issues with damage, the crate was not damaged and the tool box was also not damaged. The freight truck driver was cool too, he stuck around to watch us tear apart the crate and let me inspect the box before even asking for a signature. Now as far as the box, it is everything that I thought it would be and then ten times more. As much as the reviews indicate the detents are very very stiff. On the drawers with 4 slides I removed 2 of the detents because these drawers have 4 installed(one per slide). This made the opening and closing of the bigger drawers a lot easier. The box is AWESOME, it is big, sturdy, thick, and puts all the tool truck guys boxes to shame. To anyone reading this and wonder if they should make the investment……the answer is YES. Thank you

Tyler C. from Sterling Heights, MI

Superior Quality & Organization

I needed a tool box to store a full set of standard tools plus screwdrivers, hammer, punches, grease gun, multimeter, etc. As a territory rep for an ag equipment company, I spend a lot of time on the road, and often find myself in remote locations. The Montezuma SE250 provides plenty of room for all of your tools, all the while keeping them in place and perfectly organized. Another great thing about this toolbox is the weather resistance. Even while driving in thunderstorms, the interior stays bone dry. Once home, I can move the SE250 to my bottom box, where it fits perfectly.

William from Southaven, Mississippi

Best truck tool box!

I love my montezuna tool boxes, hey hold all the tools I need on the farm and they are all displayed well for easy access. I would never buy anything else!

James from Aurora, Nebraska

An absolute BEAST of a box!

I had a 54″x23″ snappy before and had no extra room, the drawers weren’t the best, and the casters had seen better days. For all the hype of those boxes and the price tag I have absolutely no regrets with this box! It rolls extremely easy, it basically glides, even for being as heavy as it is. The paint is great. I have a couple unused drawers and much more room in the drawers that I’m using! The box is SO much bigger in person than in the pictures, the stainless top is awesome too! I could literally lay on the top without a problem. The box is really solid, when giving the top a little thump compared to other boxes here at the shop this one sounds much beefier. The detents on the drawers are great too, takes a little push to close them, which makes em feel sturdier to me. I want to get another for the garage at home now but the wife might not go for that. I’ll for sure be ordering from this site again when I do convince her though. Seriously though, don’t hesitate on getting this box.


Great tool box

I was looking for a new tool box for about a year and was seriously considering trading my Snap-On double bank in for a triple bank… I’m glad I didn’t!!! I stumbled across this website looking for other options and I was just like everyone else… skeptical. I researched these tool boxes online for quite some time, after the guys at Strictly toolbox answered all of my questions and I realized this was most likely gonna be a solid toolbox I gave in and ordered one. It was shipped via Saia and I was so anxious to get it I went to the terminal and picked it up, so it only took about 4 days to get here. I have had it for about a month and a half now and I am extremely pleased with this tool box, I really like it better than my Snap-On. If you look at the picture that has both of my toolboxes in it you can see the difference of the two toolboxes and I paid a lot more for the little one than I did the big one. The only thing I don’t really care for is the detents on the drawers but the tool box comes with different detents and I haven’t tried them yet. I love the fact that this tool box comes standard with the stainless steel top and the spring loaded casters. I have been telling all of my buddies and people that I deal with in the field about these toolboxes. This tool box truly is just as good as any big brand name tool box and thousands cheaper… I know everyone says the same thing but it is the truth. If I decide I need more tool space you can bet I’ll be getting the topper for this toolbox.

Royce from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Great box! But make sure you expand the drawer slides

So I have had the toolbox a month now… So happy I went with this rather than one from a tool truck! Quality is just as good, and you get more box for far less money! A word on the drawer slides…. When you first get the tool box, you need to force the drawers all the way open. Don’t have to slam them, just a firm steady pull to expand the slides all the way. Took me two weeks to figure that out, but now the drawers open completely and not with 3/4” of overhang in the back edge making it hard to get deepwells out of the back of the top drawer. Did this with all the drawers and they all open square and all the way now. Takes 5 minutes but you will be glad you did. My problem is, now I’m thinking I should have gone with a bigger box


Great Tool Box

I just received my Montezuma 72″ Elite tool box the other day and was impressed by its sturdiness. The toolbox has a nice stainless top that seems to be quite heavy duty. I received the the tool box within a week of ordering it, and was impressed with how protective the packaging was. I can’t wait to get the tool box to work and start using it every day.

Jasonr8806 from Columbus Ohio

Awesome Tool Box

I am a Harley Davidson Master Tech. I can’t tell you how happy I am with this Tool Vault Elite 72″ 17 Drawer Tool Cabinet. First of all, I wish I would knew about a long time ago, it would have saved me ton of Money. I sold my 72′ snap-on to buy this box and this tool Vault is way better. The guys in the shop were like, wow really nice, and it only cost 1/3 of what a Snap-on box the same size would cost. I can’t wait to order the riser and side cabinet. From the time I place the order, the service was great. They called me within the hour to let me know they had sold three over the weekend but an order was coming in Thursday, and it would be shipped out by Friday the latest. I got it the following Wed. morning. Crate was great, I followed the instructions for delivery. And everything went good. This toolbox gets a 10 in my book.

Jeff from Langhorne, Pa.


I am a full time auto mechanic, I was looking for a quality tool cabinet at a good price, I looked for about 3 weeks before I found this site. I purchased the Tool Vault 56″ 11 Drawer Tool Cabinet, it was shipped right away and I received it 3 days later. it was packaged amazingly well and was in perfect condition. I can not be happy with it, I will probably be getting the upper tool box at some point in the future

hucktooth from Elma NY

Awesome toolbox

I originally purchased a smaller Montezuma toolbox from Strictly Toolboxes but decided it was to small. I am very pleased with all the room this toolbox has. I work for the utility department in my town and farm on the side. This tool box is big enough to carry all the tools I use on both jobs. And ordering from Strictly Toolboxes could not have been easier. Their prices can not beat. Thank you

Cummins Cowboy from Clifton, Tennessee

Looks as good as tool truck brand for 1/4 Price

I’m super stoked for this toolbox. Build quality was great. The delivery went smooth with no hiccups. I was a little nervous about the unboxing since there is a nine page email about how to do it and what to look for. However that was really no big deal. The only thing was the silver matte drawer handles seemed just slightly off in the presentation of the tool box. So we vinyl wrapped the trim with 3M carbon fiber wrap. cost about $25. GREAT LOOKING BOX, THAT LOOKS EVEN BETTER NOW, in my personal opinion. I think I’m going to buy the 72″ as well for shop tools.

Schannon from Pine, CO

Best tool box for the money, PERIOD!

I have been researching the high end toolboxes for more than a year. I looked at everything from budget to high end tool boxes. The lower end would not cut it in my line of work and the high end tool boxes were way out of my price range. I ran across and was very hesitant to jump on the Montezuma bandwagon, only because I have never seen one in person. To make a long story short, I took the chance and I can say, I think this is probably the best surprise I have ever had when buying online. The toolbox was shipped with so much padding it took me longer to unpack it than to stock it with my tools. The only complaint I have with my entire purchase is with the shipping company. There was a little damage to the back but I couldn’t do anything about it because the shipping company Saia had someone other than myself sign for it. I should have been the ONLY one authorized to sign for my box. Anyway, the toolbox was shipped extremely fast. The toolbox matches the best boxes I have seen in quality. I have people come up to my box and can’t believe I have twice the toolbox they have for a third of the price. Bottom line, buy this toolbox if you are in need of a heavy duty, great quality and extremely heavy tool chest. I believe that this tool box will last me the rest of my career. Once I decide that I am in need for more room, you can bet that I will be purchasing a top box from Strictly Tool Boxes. And one more thing, if you have ever heard of the term “supply and demand”, you will understand what I am about to say. You better buy one of these soon because once the cats out of the bag about these toolboxes, the price will start to match the quality.

Bryan from Omaha, NE

Great quality product!

Great quality product! Exceptional price and outstanding customer service. Would recommend to anyone in need of a tool storage solution.


this blow the name brands out of the water

I work in the agriculture industry and as a service technician, I require a lot of tools to work on the equipment the dealership I work for provides support to. I saw the need for a big toolbox to store and hold my tools as they are an investment and how I get paid. Before I got this box I had the issue of running out of space and needing a more organized way of storing my tools. As all techs know the more downtime you have looking for the tool you need the less money you make. when I started pricing out toolboxes I talked to the four name brands and about keeled over at what some of them wanted for a box smaller than this box. so started looking online and found strictly toolboxes. looking around I found this combo and started looking and comparing it to the boxes I was interested in from the tool truck and I will admit this box blows the competition out of the water not only being 1/4 of the price compared to the competition but it is built stronger. Strictly toolboxes as a company is great I ordered my box on a Thursday night by that next day I received a call from the customer service notifying me that my box was being shipped that Friday. An almost never ending week later the tool box arrived I performed the inspection with the assistance of a coworker and the delivery person which as a tip three people is needed for this. the Shipping crate for the toolbox is almost as heavy built as the box. Assembly of the box is easy with the included instructions. I do recommend having a second hand when assembling the box as it is no small task lifting the heavy parts. After using the tool box for over a month I will say if you are looking for a big toolbox and are not for sure on buying this one. don’t hesitate as I did. this box is awesome. the drawers are smooth with just the right amount of friction. they even include different detents if you think that the pre-installed ones are to stiff for your taste. the overall layout of the drawers is for me as a heavy equipment tech perfect they are the right mix of sallow and deep drawers for my tools. the


Great box!

I’ve been researching toolboxes for a while now as I’ve had most of the name brand boxes and hated the price tag. I know a couple coworkers that have similar tool boxes as the one I purchased from and I was impressed by the quality. Now that I have mine I am very pleased with it. The service from Shannon and the guys at strictlytoolboxes could not have been better, the packing was excellent and there was no damage to the box. Very happy with the purchase! (Posted on 3/26/2018) Describe Yourself: Heavy Line

Mike from Rock Springs, Wyoming

You will not be disappointed if you buy this box!

I could not be more pleased with this purchase. The quality is as good, if not better, than the truck brands, for less than half of the cost. The drawers are a bit tight at first, but do smooth out with use once loaded. All drawers open ALL of the way allowing complete access to the entire space. This toolbox screams quality and I am certain that it will last a lifetime of heavy use.


Great design

Love the design being able to view tools at a glance and the ability to organize most often used tools.

Robbie from Franklin, New Jersey


I was a little scheptical about purchasing this toolbox. I went back and forth for over a year and one day I came into work and said to myself…………” NOW OR NEVER!” With some swift key strokes and a slide of a mouse the tool box was sitting at my shop 4 days later! This box was everything that I expected and even more. The quality and contruction of this toolbox is 2nd to NONE! YA, that’s what I said NONE! BUY IT WITHOUT HESITATION………you won’t be disappointed. Guaranteed! PS: Customer service is exceptional!

Kane from Malcolm, Nebraska

Great box

I only had this tool box a few days and it is way better than I expected. Great color and way easy to order. This thing is well packaged for shipping. Could not be happier.

D from Tallahassee
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