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FELIX from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Excellent Tool Box

A large tool box with room for all of your tools. Well built and well organized. We mounted the toolbox to our equipment hauler flat bed truck so we have all of the tools that we will ever need while we are working in the field or on the road.



Love my new box! Just like others have said “what a beast”. Wasn’t sure I would like the latch handles (kind a old school detent kinda of guy) but they work great. Better than my coworkers S***On plastic slide latch which come apart all the time. So much room! I just moved from a 56″ w/2 small side cabs and a hutch which was over flowing. Now my new setup looks kinda empty. Guess i will have to by more tools! I love the space behind the hutch just enough room for long power strip and hides all the cords. Everyone loves the ss top. The side cabs came with heavy duty shipping castors and spacers still took 2 guys and a jack to get them hug on the box.Oh and i lucked out w/side cabs being on back order they came left and right no flipping wheels and door as stated in instructions. All the keys matched except the hutch. A quick email will fix that. If i had one complaint it would be either some kind of door stay or bump guard on side doors as they tend to want to close themselves,not good when drawers are open. Don’t want to scratch inside of door. Again great box and great service.


52 inch tool vault black

Nearly a month now and I’m STILL as happy as the day it arrived…probably more so! Looks awesome, and has really helped get things organized! Many congratulatory comments from friends, family and neighbors! (even the wife likes it) Drawers glide without effort, even after loading, and the tools don’t shift around. So much better than what the big toolbox stores offer! Solid unit, well made, and the delivery process went far more smoothly than I ever could have imagined!! Arrived in flawless condition, thanks to STB’s attention to detail! The 6 swivel castors make all the difference! Shannon and his crew know their business!! Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, customer service! DO NOT hesitate to call him or order from STB! Now to the cons… > I have found I need more space. > Although the Craftsman tool boxes work for now, they just don’t cut it, and really detract from the beauty of the Tool Vault. > Not enough ready cash to buy the upper, but when it IS “ready”, I’ll be calling Shannon! Took a gamble, and I’m glad I did! If YOU’RE on the fence…It’s time to jump! K.

Tool Vault 52incher from West Chester Pa.

An absolute BEAST of a box!

I had a 54″x23″ snappy before and had no extra room, the drawers weren’t the best, and the casters had seen better days. For all the hype of those boxes and the price tag I have absolutely no regrets with this box! It rolls extremely easy, it basically glides, even for being as heavy as it is. The paint is great. I have a couple unused drawers and much more room in the drawers that I’m using! The box is SO much bigger in person than in the pictures, the stainless top is awesome too! I could literally lay on the top without a problem. The box is really solid, when giving the top a little thump compared to other boxes here at the shop this one sounds much beefier. The detents on the drawers are great too, takes a little push to close them, which makes em feel sturdier to me. I want to get another for the garage at home now but the wife might not go for that. I’ll for sure be ordering from this site again when I do convince her though. Seriously though, don’t hesitate on getting this box.


Awesome Box

I’ve been in a service truck for 22 years and recently decided to move into the shop. I didn’t want to buy another name brand toolbox with high interest payments so I did some research and found this tool box. Bought and paid for and truly love it. This box is bigger and better built then my name brand toolbox at home. I highly recommend it of you have alot of tools and need the storage capacity.


This really is a GREAT tool box…! Have no fear… Buy it !

I have had my toolbox for almost 1 year and the more I use it the better I like it. I waited a year for my review so I could give actual feed back after a good deal of use. Best drawer layout of any box I have ever had and Quality in build that is as good or better than any other tool box I have ever used. Tons of room. Very solid and very smooth. The finish is beautiful and very tough and is holding up to daily use. Still looks brand new. The Price gives unmatched value. There is no way you will regret buying this box. Also, I had a small issue with delivery, I called the company and it was fixed by the next day! Their service is the real deal!

Scott E

Awesome big box.

Very happy with the quality of this toolbox. Came shipped undamaged Going from a 56” Snapon tool box and 56” Cornwall toolbox that were full of tools. It all fit nicely in the 84 “with room to spare. Solid tool box nice black finish drawers are solid as hell even after loading them up. Well worth the investment. Now I just need 2 side cabinets and will be set. My other tech has a new Matco box 54” and paid more for it than my giant box w/hutch. He’s a bit jealous. Very happy I purchased this.


Great Buy

received ahead of time that was very nice. The shipping was done with great care not a scratch on it 🙂 I am a service manager at a new car dealership and have seen all of the options from all of the tool trucks and this one just seemed right. I was a little unsure of buying something so big without seeing it or touching it since I’ve been to all of the local stores and the difference in quality was between night and day. The tool box is not cheaply made at all the drawers slide just as nice as the ones off the tool truck. the paint is a high quality and the top is very high quality (stainless steel) would not hesitate to buy from again. Any new techs I hire im going to show this website too for the new tech starting out or for the seasoned tech this is the way to go. Thanks for all the help and making this an easy transaction.

Philip from Marysville , Washington

Neat, clean, and No more clutter

Dont you just hate tools that are strewn all over the place…dont you like a neat tool box…Well i saw this tool box at my friends house the other day and knew instantly that this was a MUST NEED…To have all your tools neatly in one place is the best feeling in the world…What a great invention…Put this on your must need list…Have all your tools at your fingertips, instantly!..Great Job Guys..


Excellent product and first class team.

Solid Well built Lot of engineering went into this tool box, better than both my Snap On boxes I ordered on a Saturday, requested the staff ship ASAP. The unit shipped the following Monday, plus a follow up call was placed. Real customer service Jb


Tool Vault Elite 72″

Excellent toolbox. Very solidly built, paint is excellent, drawers are strong. Makes my Truck bought tool boxes (2 different brands, feel week). This is the proper price point for a top notch tool box. All the truck ones are overpriced, and we all know it, put pay to play the game and pay someone’s salary. All the future toolboxes for myself and our company will be through Strictly Toolbox. The BAD….the dimensions listed are not as accurate as I feel they should be. The width is listed at 72″, but is really 72 15/16″ at the widest point of the tool box. I had to rebuild the shelving area and layout as I had accounted for 72 3/4″ room. I was counting on their measurement to be close to accurate, was wrong.

Darren from Corona, CA

Just buy it already!

I am a professional automotive technician and work at a Chevrolet dealership. I had more than outgrown my tool box and needed something new. A google search brought me to and their Tool Vault Elite line. After a bunch of research, I pulled the trigger and ordered a 72x30in box in lime green. I received emails and phone calls from Strictly Toolboxes within an hour detailing shipping information and instructions for receiving and inspecting the box. Just over 48 hours after ordering, FedEx delivered my new box to the shop. The delivery driver helped un-crate the box and stood by while I inspected it. Any reservations I had about spending over $3,000 on a toolbox without first handling it in person faded away immediately. It is solid! I have been super impressed with the box, and so have the other techs in the shop. Even my Foreman (who recently bought a $15,000 Snap-On box), has showed my box off to several people and bragged on how affordable it was. A few techs have said they will likely buy from Strictly Toolboxes when the time comes to upgrade their boxes. Having used the box for nearly a month, my only gripe about the box is the rough, textured finish to the silver aluminum drawer pulls. They collect oily, greasy fingerprints immediately, and are a pain to clean. Other than that, the box is outstanding. If you are on the fence about buying one of these boxes, just do it. And if you’re thinking about spending 3 or 4 times as much on a box off of the tool trucks, don’t! Having handled my box and boxes from Snap-On, Matco and Mack I can honestly tell you they aren’t worth the premium. Buy Tool Vault with confidence.


Great Toolbox

Very sturdy and professional grade toolbox. Nice heavy duty Casters make moving it around the garage easy. Grab handles large and detents work great. Quality of box is very good. Bought this tool box for a home garage to work on motorcycles and my truck. Delivered in excellent shape.

Will from Forest Hill, MD

Best in Class

Very durable…exactly as advertised…no worries here….Mechanics are loving it…

Southland from Leeds, Alabama

Happy again

This is my second time ordering from and am once again very happy with the product and the way does business. Everything from the order to the delivery went flawless.

Russell A from South Hutchinson, Ks.

Awesome tool box!

Perfect tool box for me. Holds all my bigger tools as I work mainly out of a roller cart. Strictly was very easy to work with and I hope they make a hutch for this toolbox so because I would purchase it the minute it came out. Waiting for the back order of the color was well worth the wait. I love the color and I belive it looks better then snap ons lime green tool box! Thanks strictly!!!!

Logan from Hampshire Illinois

Great design

Love the design being able to view tools at a glance and the ability to organize most often used tools.

Robbie from Franklin, New Jersey

Snapon Quality without the Snappy Price

20+ years of wrenching and having had Matco, Mac and Snapon toolboxes, I have to admit I was skeptical at first (how can they be so much cheaper?), but after much research and reading lots of reviews, I finally decided to order this Tool Vault monster, and was very impressed with the quality and construction. Side by side with my older, smaller Snapon, I have to say this box beats that KRL, as the Tool Vault has reinforcing ribs under the drawers (unlike the KRL). Even heavily loaded drawers (air tool, puller, socket drawer, etc) glide smoothly without binding or twisting. Shipping was fast for where I live (in the sticks), ordered Thursday it arrived Tuesday. Only fault I can point to in the entire process of buying this tool box is when it’s all crated up for shipping is, it’s 8′ long…..and nobody has an 8′ liftgate, and you can’t turn an 8′ skid inside an 8′ trailer. Thankfully I have a forklift, so we were able to use it in conjunction with the liftgate to get it safely on the ground. Driver was very helpful and pointed out a few scuffs on the crating, insisting we uncrate it (I think he was as excited to see this box as I was.) Box arrived in perfect condition.


56″ Tool Vault 11-Drawer Cabinet

I needed a larger tool box and, while looking around, I eventually found Strictly Toolboxes. I heard very good things about these guys and their products. I must have called them five times, and they remained helpful and friendly. I finally settled on this 56″ Tool Vault cabinet and put in the order. Shipping was fast, the packaging was very good. The box was strapped down to a wood shipping pallet, very secure and well-covered with cardboard. The cabinet is quite well made. The drawers are solid-feeling and operate smoothly. Even the full-width topmost drawer is stable and has four steel stiffeners welded across the bottom. You can load this big drawer up with heavy tools, should you want, and it will be fine. The six casters are of good quality, ball-bearing type with grease fittings. The paint and fit and finish are great, very nice look and feel. I am quite happy with this tool box and would recommend it to anyone

Steve from Idaho Springs, Colorado


I am a first time buyer of the Montezuma LA400 toolbox, but I will definitely be a repeat customer. I had always loved my Snap-On toolbox in the shop but it was not easy to “gather” tools and head to a job site. I looked at road boxes from Mac, Snap-On… but couldn’t justify the price for what you got. I knew about the Montezuma boxes but never looked at one. As I researched they had everything I was looking for, so I bought the 30″ LA400 for SAE and metric. I couldn’t be happier. Guys at work have used tools from my box over theirs because its easier to access and everything is right in front of you. I can pull out tools and put them back in half the time as a normal tool box. So much organization, and SPACE! Someone put a lot of thought into designing, but yet so simple. I have crossed paths with many people who inquire about the toolbox, all have been impressed and complimented it. I have owned the tool box for 4 months, the new shiny paint has a few scuffs, so I am not giving it a great review because I have an impulsive “this is great, its new” feeling. The toolbox rides around on a pick up at multiple sand and gravel pits that our company operates and seems to stand up to sand snow rain and rough roads no problem. We have multiple trucks, so when those tool boxes are due to replace, we will most likely put Montezuma’s on them. Also want to give a shout out to the guys at Strictly tool boxes. They were very helpful in making sure I got the right product for the application I was looking for. Super fast communication and shipping also. Overall A+ experience!

Big Boy

Project Manager

This is a very well build, heavy duty toolbox. The fit and finish is excellent and the stainless top is a nice touch. It is the cost winner even after substantial discounts from other suppliers.

Jim from Charleston SC

Impressive to say the least!

Pre-ordered the orange with black trim and it was well worth the wait for it to get done. Shipped from Florida to Pennsylvania in 2 business days and the packaging was like a tank. The lock the drawer latches and the slides are top notch. This thing moves very smooth for its size and weight casters are outstanding. The drawer liners are nice dense foam and fit perfectly and the stainless top can be used as a mirror. I have seen many snap on and Matco tool boxes and this tool box is built just as well as any of them. If you are looking for a toolbox that is built for professionals this will not disappoint. For reference the color is similar to the old chevy hugger orange and the finish is flawless. Last note customer service was great this was a hassle free purchase and the box was done exactly when they said it would be. I will try to add more photos as I get it completely set up.


Love This Tool Box

I priced tool boxes of this size from 3 major tool dealers and none of them could match the price of this tool box. I’ve had this toolbox in the shop for over 7 months and I don’t have the first complaint, except that I keep buying tools trying to fill it up. The quality of this tool box is outstanding from the double slides on the deep drawers to the fully braced bottom and heavy duty casters. The prelined drawers are also a nice touch. I recommend to everybody who ask about my tool box, Shannon was great to deal with and my tool box was shipped quickly and arrived undamaged.

Judith from Edenton , North Carolina

Montezuma 36″ crossover

I’ve been admiring these tool boxes ever since they first released the 26″ combo. I’ve held off for many years on buying this tool box and I’m glad I finally bought it. I purchased the 36″ crossover and found it is a lot more spacious than it appears in the photos. All the built on organization is awesome. No more throwing stuff on top and putting it away later, makes it easy to organize as you go. Awesome toolbox, I’m ordering the 41″ base to put underneath it. Making my neighbors jealous. If you’re looking for a spacious toolbox that will help keep you organized and make things easy to find, this is it.

Moe from Bonita Springs, FL

Very Pleased

I am very satisfied with this toolbox. I believe it was money well spent it is just as good as a Snap-on in my opinion. It is a whole lot cheaper than the Snap-on and wieghs the same if not just a little more. It has plenty of room in it and the drawer slides operate very smoothly. If i were to purchase another tool box I would highly recommend this box to anyone. The box I have is the Tool Vault 72″ Elite model and I absolutely would not give it up for anything else.

Tim C. from Marshall,MO

72in top bottom and side locker montezuma

I love this toolbox it is ablsolutely worth the money it is no joke. This thing is monsterous. I like every feature of it from the construction to the way the drawers slide and the amount each draw can handle. I have owned a ##%% on for the last 5 yrs and this thing is built better that that one. It even came with a stainless steel top that i was not expecting thanks. I questioned getting the locker but now that I have it a would not go without one it is so nice to hold all kinds of specialty tools that i dont have to take out of their boxes. Only problem I have with the tool box is I dont have enough tools to fill it up yet. I’m 6’7″ and i can barely see into the top drawers. Everyone at my shop is jealous and wish they would have saved thousands and bought the tool box that I did

rausch42 from garden plain

So much more tool space

Overall very satisfied with the toolbox. I ordered the 36″ and 26″ and they arrived very quickly. I bought the 36″ as an upgrade from my 30″ I had been using for 6 years in my service pickup The biggest reason for the upgrade was to have space for metric wrenches and sockets required for our newer farm equipment. The toolbox fits all the tools and I had along with room to spare. I ended up having to buy more sockets and wrenches to keep it from looking empty. The tool box itself isn’t quit as heavily built as my old 30″ but does seem pretty durable. The only downside to this tool box is that it doesn’t have the slide over lock like my old box but instead has a gas cylinder. The 26″ was purchased to put up against the headache rack on a pickup with a bale bed to do quick repairs without needing to get out the service pickup.

tmont from Almena, KS

awesome box

I love my new tool box and recommend all my friends to check out Great deal on a solid toolbox!

Chris from Louisa, Virginia

DIY’er needed a new box

I’m an aircraft mechanic by trade, but I needed something to replace my home tool box. I’m very happy with my purchase, and have recommended this product and website to my co-workers. My toolbox initially arrived damaged, but with one call to the folks at, I had a new one at my house in 3 days. Great customer service and no issues in getting another one sent to my house. If I had to get another box, this company is who I will use.

Troy from Perry, Ga

What a box!!

This tool box looks even better than the pictures. Great customer experience. I had the box three days after i ordered it. The toolbox was professionally crated and did not have any damage when it arrived. I am extremely happy with my purchase. I wish Strictly Tool Boxes offered closed cell foam to put in the drawers to shadow the tools. About the shiping company: while the shipment was fast, i don’t believe a lot of thought was put into the actual delivery. For example, i requested a lift gate. They showed up with a semi to a residential neighborhood. I hadto plead with the driver to attempt backing into my driveway. Then, the box and pallet jack together wwould not fit on the lift gate. Between the two of us, we were eventually able to get it off the truck. The driver was nice and helped uncrate the box. However, he would not take the crate with him so i had a pile of trash to contend with.

Mark from Haslet, TX

If you buy this tool box first, it will be your last!!!

I have owned Craftsman tool boxes all my life, not anymore. The money I spent over the years was a lot more than the cost of this one. When I needed to purchase a new toolbox I went online and started looking for a tool box that would hold all my tools and last till retirement. This tool box will go the distance. It has a lot of metal in it and ball bearing drawers. The deep drawers are great for the thicker tools (air and battery tools, large wrenches, 3/4″drive, and batteries). The 2 1/4″ drawers are the right depth for the smaller wrenches, sockets, pliers, screwdrivers, and other small diameter items. If you are undecided about the 24″ versus 30″ Montezuma, go 30. You will not believe how much difference 6″ makes; it is like having an extra tool box as-far-as square inches are concerned. The hutch is money well spent for me. In my line of work documentation is produced as you reassemble motors. The top of the tool box is the right height to write. With the hutch, papers are protected and manuals are kept close at hand. Again the useable space in the hutch is massive. I love it. I have had several coworkers look over the tool box, and am impressed with the quality. The more I use this toolbox the more I like it. I have to say it did take me awhile to relearn the location of my tools, but that’s true with any tool box. I have to say this is the least expensive toolbox, as-far-as the quality is concerned! Par none!

Oscar from Franklin, Virginia

Great Toolbox

This is one great toolbox! I originally ordered this tool box for my own personal truck. However, when I started adding tools, I decided it wasn’t going to hold enough. I asked my father if he would be interested in having the box so I could buy a bigger one. He said he’d be more than happy to have the toolbox. He uses it everyday on our farm. It holds just about every tool we use on a daily basis. And is also small enough to move from the shop to our Kubota RTV when we are working in the field. And ordering from Strictly Toolboxes was a breeze. My toolbox shipped out on a Monday and was delivered to me on Wednesday! I then ordered a new Montezuma 30 x 19 from Strictly Toolboxes for myself a few days later. Thank you!

Cummins Cowboy from Clifton, TN.

Just do it. You won’t regret it.

I’m not normally the type to right reviews for products, but I could not be happier with this toolbox. I’ve been a professional heavy truck technician for 20 years and have owned tool boxes from all three of major tool trucks and this tool box is built every bit as well as any of them for a fraction of the price. I did hours and hours of research and comparison before deciding to place the order and these boxes compare in every way to the big names. Customer service when ordering and through delivery was bar none the best I’ve ever had. And shipping was fast. I had the box 3 days after ordering.

Guy with a new toolbox

Best Tool Box Ever

This tool box is one of the best that I have ever had. Extremely good quality compared to any other brands that i have seen. I recommend this tool box to everyone who looks at it… even the tool vendors that come around.

Brady from Fargo, North Dakota
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