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I bought my ToolVault Elite 72″ with Hutch just over two years ago now ( May 6th, 2019) and I’m still amazed at how great a toolbox it is. It still wows me every morning when I get to work. Drawers still slide smooth, Hutch door still rolls up nicely. I still have plenty of space left to fill and at some point look forward to adding a side locker. I get compliments on it all the time. I search for a long time for a tool storage option that wasn’t cheaply made and over priced or something affordable and still made like crap. I really didn’t want to be in debt to one of the tool truck brands for the rest of my career so I could have the tool box I wanted. So I searched and searched and looked at reviews for everything I found, and the ToolVault from was the clear winner. Their customer service is hands down awesome. Will always recommend Strictly tool boxes to anybody looking for a box.


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