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Love my new box! Just like others have said “what a beast”. Wasn’t sure I would like the latch handles (kind a old school detent kinda of guy) but they work great. Better than my coworkers S***On plastic slide latch which come apart all the time. So much room! I just moved from a 56″ w/2 small side cabs and a hutch which was over flowing. Now my new setup looks kinda empty. Guess i will have to by more tools! I love the space behind the hutch just enough room for long power strip and hides all the cords. Everyone loves the ss top. The side cabs came with heavy duty shipping castors and spacers still took 2 guys and a jack to get them hug on the box.Oh and i lucked out w/side cabs being on back order they came left and right no flipping wheels and door as stated in instructions. All the keys matched except the hutch. A quick email will fix that. If i had one complaint it would be either some kind of door stay or bump guard on side doors as they tend to want to close themselves,not good when drawers are open. Don’t want to scratch inside of door. Again great box and great service.


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