Professional, Heavy Duty Tool Chests

Tool Vault

I had been on the fence on purchasing a new toolbox for a while now. I was shopping around on all of the big name tool trucks that came by the shop and the price ranges that they were selling their boxes for always turned me off of buying one. I had found out about this website a couple of years back and had continually checked up on all of the customer reviews to see how other people had reacted to buying a tool vault tool box. I watched every youtube video that I could find to get a feel for the tool box the best I could without physically seeing it in person. I finally decided to go ahead and purchase the tool vault and I could not be happier with my decision. I love the color scheme with the brushed look to all the aluminum trim. The toolbox has exceeded every expectation. It is much sturdier than I had initially anticipated. All of the other guys at the shop were certain I had gone with one of the expensive big name boxes. I have had the tool box for about 2 weeks now and have yet to find any complaint to bring up. I would absolutely recommend strictlytoolboxes and tool vault to anyone of my friends.


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