72″ Roller Cabinets, Tool Chests & Tool Box Combination Sets

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I am a full time diesel mechanic at an International dealership. All 8 other mechanics in my shop have 72″ Snxp-xn boxes with hutches. I have worked out of my buddies 72″ snxp-xn tool box that he wasn’t using for the past 9 months till I could save up enough to buy my own. I stumbled across this site while looking for used tool boxes and was skeptical at first. I did as much research as I could, comparing drawer arrangements, weight ratings, and the gauge of steel used in construction. Finally I ordered a 72″ Montezuma with a stainless top and faultless castors. It arrived 2 days later in great shape…. the packaging was incredibly thorough; 1/4″ plywood outside of 3/4″ styrofoam with thick plastic covering the tool box itself. One look at the tool box and you can tell that these tool boxes are built well. The drawers slide very smoothly and securely on the rollerbearing slides and extend all the way out without being difficult to return inward. The handles that you install on both ends are very classy looking and are very strong. Several items that are different but not necessarily worse than the tool truck boxes are as follows: The stainless top is textured slightly which makes it a little hard to write on, the drawer detents are rather stiff but the tool box has softer spare detent blocks and instructions on how to install them, and all the end castors swivel which make it easy to maneuver but also make the box slightly more difficult to push in a straight line. Things i like about this tool box… the extra security drawer, the great paint job it has, the no-skid drawer liners that come with the tool box, the 2 wide shallow drawers underneath the socket drawer; I use one for wrenches and the other for screwdrivers and pliers, I also like having a handle on each end of the tool box. The thing I like best is that all the other guys in the shop are asking the tool truck dealer why their tool boxes cost so much!!! After seeing my tool box, one of my coworkers said that Snxp-xn is becoming a brand name cult! That said, I have been working out of it for 2 weeks and I love the tool box! All the other guys in the shop have been amazed at how nice this toolbox is for a 3rd of the price that they paid for their tool boxes. I would be amazed if anyone else who saw my tool box would still pay $10,000 for a tool truck tool box! I would never hesitate to convince anyone to get this tool box over more expensive tool boxes. As long as Montezuma keeps making them and strictly-toolboxes keeps selling them I will never buy anything else from anyone else! (Posted on 1/20/2012) Describe Yourself: Full time Automotive

ARMYTECH from Lima, OH

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