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Great Toolbox

This is one great toolbox! I originally ordered this tool box for my own personal truck. However, when I started adding tools, I decided it wasn’t going to hold enough. I asked my father if he would be interested in having the box so I could buy a bigger one. He said he’d be more than happy to have the toolbox. He uses it everyday on our farm. It holds just about every tool we use on a daily basis. And is also small enough to move from the shop to our Kubota RTV when we are working in the field. And ordering from Strictly Toolboxes was a breeze. My toolbox shipped out on a Monday and was delivered to me on Wednesday! I then ordered a new Montezuma 30 x 19 from Strictly Toolboxes for myself a few days later. Thank you!

Cummins Cowboy from Clifton, TN.

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