Roller Cabinet, Hutch, Top Chest & Side Locker Combos

Love and and worth the money

This toolbox great and well worth the money fully. Before I bought this tool box I was very skeptical and not shore about it because I was not able to find one in person to see, I read countless reviews on it and well then I bought the box, I’ve owned it for about a year and a half I wanted to write a review after I got to use it for a while. So for I have not had a single problem with this box at all, I go in the draws countless number of times during the day and it holds up. The price is great for what you’re getting. Other brands you can spend triple the amount and don’t even get what you’re getting here. I’m very happy with this, the paint on the toolbox seems really good the one thing is that the end caps on the pull handles only one fell out no big deal just put it back in. The locks work really good to lock the box up, and the door on the side locker is reversible depending on what side of the tool box you would like to put it on I put it on right side of my box and the only thing was the decal was upside down, no biggy, down below I post a few pic of the box, the one pic is of the stainless steel top the top is cool but not a 1/8” thick stainless plat but it does look good. The other pic is of the tool box yes I mounted a cord real on it. The other pics are the draw supports and also the casters if you look at these casters and other brands they look almost identical and they lock really well. And also having casters on the side locker really make it nice. The last pic is the slides they are Heavy duty. Never had a single problem with them . So all in all yes buy this you will save a lot of money and you be just as happy and still have a lot of room for your tools. When I was buying this from strictly toolboxes everyone was cool to deal with.

DG from Conshohocken PA

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