All Toolboxes 55″+

Four years later and still going strong

Waited four years of abuse to write this review. Back story “professional technician” working at a dealership sometimes 6 days a week. Four years later this thing has held up amazing. Everyone at the shop is impressed even the tool truck drivers. If your starting out get one of these, don’t be tool box poor. Put that money into buying tools. You can trade up later for hardly any money loss. You won’t do that because this thing is fantastic. Plus you may decide this isn’t the career for you and you don’t have much invested into a metal shell. Watched many new guys come and go selling a toolbox for 1/4 of what they paid off the truck. If your experienced get one of these they are built tough and last. Put money into other interists. My only regret is not buying the larger and deeper version.

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