Everything You Should Know About Buying a Toolbox Online

Ordering a tool box online requires some additional action to be taken in order for your item to arrive quickly and in perfect condition.

We highly recommend reviewing all of these guides, which will cover everything you should know about buying a tool box online.


How Can I Get Matching Locks and Keys?

Not all toolbox combination sets will be shipped with the same number lock for each piece. We can provide you with matching locks after you set up your new tool box at no charge. All you need to do is note the lock number on the base cabinet and either email us at sales@strictlytoolboxes.com or call us at 888-289-1952 and let us know your order number and how many locks you need. We will then ship them out at no charge.

How Do I Receive Warranty Parts If Needed?

Please contact us at 888-289-1952 with your order number ready and describe the issue you are having with your toolbox. Provided that your tool box is within warranty, parts will be delivered to you free of charge.

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