All Toolboxes 36″ to 54″

This box is the BOMB!

One of the mechanics up at the International dealer has one of these tool boxes, I saw it the other day and purchased one when I arrived home. This toolbox is the BOMB! I have very limited space in my garage right now. We will fix that issue come Spring time. Now, everything, the commonly used stuff is easily accessible. The shipping was extremely fast, three days to Detroit area. The box arrived undamaged, even though it looked like it had been dropped and banged around a few times, it did manage to come through unscathed. The construction is solid, this is not some Sears or Home Depot tool box. The paint job is heavy duty too, very impressed. I can see why this makes for a good mobile tool chest solution, this chest is solid. If you are looking at one of these boxes, just do it! As you will wonder how you got along without one once you receive it.


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