84″ Roller Cabinets, Tool Chests & Tool Box Combination Sets

10/10 The best customer service I’ve ever had

10/10 The best customer service I’ve ever had. The package was well protected. The tool box it’s self is unrivaled! The customer service was incredible. The shipping took a week and a half. It would have been a week but there was an emergency with the people shipping it. For reference to other buyers, I live in Iowa and im a college student. The website, customer service, shipping (people), and the delivery guy was the greatest experience that more than makes me confident in this brand. The tool box is the best toolbox I’ve ever had. I do own snap on tool boxes and have been around a lot of other premium quality things, but this is my favorite. The features besides the custom stainless steel top which resembles this checkered flag design that at the same you can still see a clear reflection of yourself, it would have to be the drawers. Yes, the drawers do go past the front of the box which is so nice, but I like the drawers because they are smooth and stay where you put them not like for example my snap on which you just push it and it will slam shut because its so smooth. Finding the balance between smoothness and stationary drawers is the best with this box. For other buyers, yes the two middle casters are rigid so my concern was it riveting in the middle so it would be hard to back it against a wall with out a fork lift. The rigid caster slide so that you can move it like a regular 4 caster tool box and it does so effortlessly. This boxes mobility is amazing. The price is unmatched, and according to my debit card, I wasn’t taxed. So the $4075 price tag is exactly that. The warranty is limited but when I called and asked about it, it surprised me and further increased my confidence. Call them, ask. Seriously, try it. There is not a single flaw with the service and especially the tool box. This tool box, I am so proud to have it and can’t wait to add to it. I chose Tool Vault for quality and space, and I got way more than that. In the pictures I am 6 foot 3 inches 250 lbs. This box is so big that it is deceiving in pictures, its scale can not be


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