84″ Roller Cabinets, Tool Chests & Tool Box Combination Sets

Awesome tool box at an unbelievable price

I don’t like buying big purchases online without seeing and or putting my hands on it first, but I took the leap and bought the 84″ Elite with both side lockers and I am so glad I did. They did show up 3 days late, but Fed EX short handed, nothing to do with Strictly, anyways, get plenty of people when the toolbox shows up because heavy is an understatement. The tool box, top and cabinets were all really well packaged and delivered, no issues so far as damage. The quality of paint, materials used and finishes are incredible. I’ve never seen a stainless top like this, and I’ve owned Snap on and Matco, the drawers are solid, smooth and close really nice, liners are top notch, cabinets are huge and the hutch is massive. After 30 years of wrenching, all my stuff fits perfectly. Had to modify (lower) hutch shelf to accommodate 27″ monitor but works like a dream. Thank you so much for making the Snap On dealer speechless when he saw my new box that he couldn’t even compete with.


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