Gator Built® Roller Cabinets & Tool Boxes


I put a lot of thought into this tool box before purchasing. I checked the layout measurements and compared it to my tools and my needs, even going as far a drawing out where and how my tools would go. The layout measurements they have are spot on and this box is beyond what I actually figured it would be for the price. The drawers do not wobble, they do not sag when loaded down, and they pull out and push in very smooth without any snagging. The liners included in the drawers stick to the bottom and do not slide around from opening and closing and keep all the tools where you laid them. The locking system works that when locked, it slides tabs up and in front of the drawer slides which I personally like better than hooking from the back, it also will not allow you to lock it unless every drawer is completely shut. The box also comes with paperwork that has all spare part numbers if any future item needs replaced. I did not purchase the stainless top and it came with the rubber top that is about 3/8 inch thick and sets perfectly on top without any movement. I did end up regretting not getting the stainless top just as a personnel preference, I emailed and I was able to purchase the top separately, I just had to cover shipping since I did not purchase it with the toolbox. All in all this box holds itself against any major tool competitor. Do not waste years of weekly payments on a tool box off the trucks, this is a purchase that I guarantee you will not regret.


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