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found that quality is just as good as matco, infact had a bet with co-worker that we could stand in my toolbax when it got here , when it arrived first thing we did was stand in the bottom draw and other tech was dumb founded , because he had paid over 15 k for his tool box and wasn’t willing to see if it would hold the both of us. slides are amazingly smooth shipment was outstanding , when it arrived it had some pretty bad damage on fright toolbox i was worried that i was gona have to go throw sending it back ect but un wrapped her not a dent scratch or mark on her just pure beauty. more then enough room to expand. i plan on getting the hutch next year. i have to say i would have felt really stupid if i had bought a matco or snapon for the prices they have and then have some else buy this box for this price , side by side it’s just the name your buy with other boxes . best investment yet

Justin from Menasha,WI

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