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good box

well built, easy to organize, easy to move around. put all of our racecar tools in it, could bring to car. took off hydro lift arms so top could be raised higher, easier access. good box, a little pricey, though.

Great Tool box

I have a bunch of toolbox’s including Snap-On, Matco, etc. but this is the one I use. Portable enough to move easily, yet spacious and well laid out so all the sockets and wrench’s are immediately visable. A very ingenious idea. I’m 60 years old so got the aluminum to save weight and be able …

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light and tough

Tool box is light and tough enough for me to throw in back of pickup for road box. It is also easy to see if all tools were put back before leaving the job since they are all in plain sight. Wish I would of bought one sooner.


i bought my tool box to put in the back of my kubato rtv that i pull my pull truck around with and its great for haveing your tools on hand at the track the great thing about this toolbox is that all the tools are all in there own place a lot of my …

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Tool Box

Good tool box. The best on the market!

Had to buy more tools.

I like this tool box. I farm and never seem to have enough tools with me. I’ve got a covered bed on my pickup that is aluminum diamond plate just like my new Montezuma box. Before I had to walk from side to side of the truck to get at different tools. Now I can …

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Getting my son organized

I ordered a MTZ-ME300AL-BK last Feb for my son after we took his car to a local auto part store to change out a weak battery right in the parking lot. It was plenty cold and I wanted to hand in the old battery and make sure the cables etc were OK. I knew he …

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Its One Awesome Toolbox

My neighbor down the road bought his montezuma tool box when he was 19. It’s been over 30 years and its still in good condition even after sliding off his flatbed pickup. It only takes one look to tell if any tools are missing. I wouldn’t have any other tool box. Thanks for the great …

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Can’t harm it!

What a toolbox! I had it out in the oil patch could not believe how sturdy it was. It fell off my tractor from about 4 feet off the ground and I drove over it with one tire. That put a few dents in the tool box. It took me like 15 min to fix …

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Exactly what my husband needed

This toolbox solved the problem of transporting his tools. It’s big enough to hold most tools at work but still small enough to through I. The truck and take with you if needed. Plus we got it on sale total bonus

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