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It holds a lot of tools, considering the size. And they are easy to get out.


I bought the small Montezuma tool box to mount on the front of my Quad Trac tractor. Love these toolboxes! they are durable, keep things well organized. I own 3 of these now and wouldn’t buy anything else. My wife likes the color options, thats why I have a red one this time.


I purchased a tool box for all of my tractors on the farm. The size was perfect for the tools that I like to carry on each machine. I like that the box is dust and waterproof to protect the tools from rusting. The quality of the box is great and highly recommend it to …

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Toolbox was more than I expected quality was great my problem was size it had to fit in a bin on my service truck while holding all the tools I needed to carry mission accomplished.

Had to down size

I moved out of a 1-ton service truck to a pick up. Had to down size my tool box. I had a larger CPL tool box I bought back in ’96. It was still in great shape just too big. I was disappointed that the new box was built so light duty, compared to my …

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Terry from Artois, California

This toolbox is a good choice. I like it. It was designed by farmers and people on the job for people working out and it is nice and compact.

Nice toolbox

I needed a decent toolbox to get my tools organized. I purchased a large Montezuma chest from a local store but they were sold out of the upper chest and could not get any more. I went online and found this one and thought it would fit my needs/desires. The toolbox is well made and …

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Very convenient and fast and good pricing.


Great tool box it gets the job done!

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