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found that quality is just as good as matco, infact had a bet with co-worker that we could stand in my toolbax when it got here , when it arrived first thing we did was stand in the bottom draw and other tech was dumb founded , because he had paid over 15 k for …

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Everybody likes it

When it showed up at my work, everybody was like how much did you pay for it? The packaging was great, and it looked like it did on the website. Some of the guys are now looking at buying boxes from Strictly Toolboxes. Thank you for a great product.

Great Tool Box

I just received my Montezuma 72″ Elite tool box the other day and was impressed by its sturdiness. The toolbox has a nice stainless top that seems to be quite heavy duty. I received the the tool box within a week of ordering it, and was impressed with how protective the packaging was. I can’t …

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First off I am not normally a guy that takes time to write a review but in this instance a felt compelled. The service from strictly tool boxes is 1st rate they make it very comfortable to make the purchase. Over the years I have owned several tool truck brand tool boxes this toolbox is …

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awesome box

I love my new tool box and recommend all my friends to check out strictlytoolboxes.com. Great deal on a solid toolbox!

Great toolbox for the price!!

I bought this toolbox to replace my snap-on toolbox that was overflowing with tools. This box is perfect for what I needed. The stainless steel top acts as an awesome work bench. All of my buddies love my tool box and wan one too!!

Best Purchase EVER hands Down

My husband has been a Mechanic for close to 30 years spending the last 20 plus working on heavy equipment. We have bought many toolboxes over the years including Snap-on, Mac, Craftsman and other but this Montezuma by far is the best he has ever had. He is so impressed by it in many ways. …

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After many years in the field it was time for a new tool box. After looking at all of the top end name brands I found myself not wanting to spend $10,000+ on a S***-On tool box. I then stumbled upon this site. I still scratch my head and wonder how someone can build such …

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snxp-xn kryptonite

I am a full time diesel mechanic at an International dealership. All 8 other mechanics in my shop have 72″ Snxp-xn boxes with hutches. I have worked out of my buddies 72″ snxp-xn tool box that he wasn’t using for the past 9 months till I could save up enough to buy my own. I …

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